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Melania And Donald Trump Sleeping In Separate Bedrooms Not Their Basis Of Love

President Donald Trump’s marriage has become quite a controversial topic for a few, especially when reports started coming in stating that Melania Trump refuses to share a bed with the president. The surprising reports chimed in with the existing allegations that Donald Trump and Melania Trump are not in love.

There have been reports claiming that Melania Trump is some sort of prisoner up in Trump Tower. More importantly, the first lady is supposedly miserable in their marriage. Various love gurus and body language experts sing the same song when it comes to the president’s marriage and the situation has apparently worsened.

The fact is, Melania Trump is currently living 200 miles away from Washington, D.C., a decision that was made in the name of allowing young Barron Trump to finish the school year. However, The Washington Post reports that Melania Trump refuses to sleep in the same bed with Donald Trump even when they are in the same city.

Moreover, several insiders have shared their observations of the Trump marriage, claiming that Melania and Donald have separate bedrooms. To make matters appear worse, one insider claimed that the couple never spend the night together, with a rather big emphasis on “never.”

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Following these reports, The Cut shared their prediction for the near future, according to them, when Melania Trump moves into the White House in June, the first couple may continue keeping their distance.

Furthermore, an Us Weekly report claims that Melania feels trapped in a life that she despises, later citing a family source that informed them that “Melania wants as little to do with Donald as possible.” Apparently, the life Melania lives now, the life that Donald provided for her wasn’t her dream, it was his, says family friend Philip Bloch.

As a result, several reports claim that Melania Trump now wishes to remain in New York City for the rest of Donald Trump’s term. Unfortunately for Melania, the White House insists on her relocation.

Aside from the reports stating that the first couple does not share the same bed being Melania’s decision, there are also reports that claim that the Melania and Donald are far from being in love. Love gurus and body language experts all say the same thing, claiming that the first couple does not have a loving relationship. They have also observed Melania’s body language that indicates her alleged discomfort and effort to distance herself from her husband.

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Fortunately, not everyone shares the same opinion about Donald Trump’s marriage with Melania. Expert Madeleine Mason claims that “Sleeping in separate beds is not a bad thing per sé, in fact sleep experts recommend it!” Ms. Mason tells The Independent that despite such sleeping arrangements not necessarily being a bad thing, however, it can be a sign of the beginning of the end of a relationship.

In addition, a more scientific explanation also chimed in on the issue regarding the first couple’s marriage. The director of Ryerson University’s Sleep and Depression Laboratory, Coleen Carney, told CBC News that 30 to 40 percent of couple sleep separately. Apparently, despite claiming that they (as a couple) sleep better together, their brains are saying a different thing.

“We actually monitor their brains we see that their brain is not getting into deeper stages of sleep because they’re continuously being woken up by movement or sound. It creates a lot of problems.”

Evidently, there are many reasons behind a couple’s decision to sleep in separate beds or even rooms. It is possible that the first couple finds it more relaxing and comfortable to sleep separately and it definitely has nothing to do with their romance. However, there are some that wonder, is the decision to sleep separately, a one-sided decision?

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