Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam

Animal Adventure Park Giraffe Cam: Could April Finally Give Birth Tonight?

During the day and well into the evening, Animal Adventure Park’s giraffe April had over 100,000 viewers on the edge of their seats. For several hours, April the giraffe appeared to be reaching active labor. April paced her stall looking very uncomfortable. She showed countless signs of labor, including an outstretched neck, wide-spread hips, and a raised tail.

April the giraffe’s actions certainly got people talking, and the internet buzzed when the live feed went down. Many people worried that they would miss the labor and birth of April’s long-awaited calf. When the feed came back up, April was spending time with her mate Oliver, the father of April’s baby.

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“April has many thinking tonight is the night, as chat rooms and social media postings question her behavior and positioning. We will wait to see what the night brings. Both Keepers and Vet report further back end swell, no change in discharge or lactation. Temperatures are starting to rise, snow is almost gone – outside yard time will soon return!”

April was slightly agitated all day, and her behavior has changed dramatically from earlier this week.

“April was notably slower moving this morning at breakfast. Wax caps are still present and her back end swell (as you can see) continues to be significant. Belly growth from last week to this week is still mind blowing – she has to fit a 6′, 150# calf somewhere! The twin goats born late last night are doing great and have been confirmed, 1 boy and 1 girl.”

While viewers were glued to the live cam last night, during the nightly chat, another mamma living at the Animal Adventure Park was giving birth to twins. According to last night’s update, Allysa had a welcome surprise waiting as she returned back to her night quarters.

“Upon Allysa’s walk back to night quarters, from the giraffe barn, she came across ‘Fatty Patty’ one of our pygmy goats – that just had twins! So mom and kids have been moved into the nursery barn, alongside our llama and cria, to relax and bond! Why is it always the coldest night?”

Yes, while the world was waiting for April the giraffe to go into labor, another zoo animal beat her to it. “Fatty Patty” is not the only new animal mother at the zoo either. On March 18, one of the Animal Adventure Park’s wallabies showed off her new little one. Perhaps viewers around the world won’t have much longer to wait for April’s calf.

Although giraffes are masters at hiding labor, there are several signs suggesting that April is finally getting close to having her baby. The Animal Adventure Park’s evening Keeper report on Tuesday. March 21, suggested that April has become moody and slightly “off” from her normal giraffe self. She has become agitated as of late, but this is a good thing. It suggests that April the giraffe is nearing the end of her pregnancy.

April the giraffe’s back end has continued to progress to the satisfaction of the zoo staff. Her baby is moving into position, the wax caps on her udders are thinning out, and her baby bump is “mind-blowing” in size.

The Animal Adventure Park posted a late update last night, indicating significant changes in April the giraffe’s behavior, as well as how she has been holding herself.

“April continues to be herself – though a bit moody end of the day but the vet reported a happy girl earlier this afternoon. As you can see from the cam, her back end is huge; tail is up, aaaannnddd we wait!”

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April the giraffe found a home at the Animal Adventure Park in September of 2015 and became pregnant shortly after. Even though this will be April’s fourth calf, it is the first giraffe to be born at the Animal Adventure Park and staff members are just as excited as their thousands upon thousands of viewers. Park owner Jordan Patch has mentioned that the giraffe cam will continue until the baby is 5 days old. Fans of April the giraffe will be able to watch April’s baby nurse, take its first steps, and bond with Mom.

Could April the giraffe finally give birth tonight? The short answer is that April is very “close” to having her calf. The exact timing of the baby’s arrival is unknown, but the park owner has told us that giraffes generally give birth in “pre-dawn hours.” It could be minutes, a few hours, or it could be a couple of days. Keep an eye on the live giraffe cam in the video player below to find out.

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