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Celine Dion Allegedly Throws Fit On ‘The Voice,’ Acts Like A Diva

Celine Dion was a mentor on The Voice this season and fans loved seeing her on the show. Radar Online is now sharing that she was allegedly a diva on the show. Celine was Gwen Stefani’s mentor on the show, and everyone learned a lot from her. It turns out that she didn’t make a great impression on everyone, though.

A show insider spoke out about Celine Dion’s appearance on the show.

“Celine acted like she was a superstar the moment she walked on set to tape her episodes. She was extremely entitled and was just not friendly or welcoming to the production crew at all!”

If this was really the way that Celine Dion acted, then it might be hard for them to invite her to come back again.

After that, the source went on to explain more about the way that Celine allegedly acted on set.

“She got the royal treatment and, of course, brought an entire entourage of people with her. She had to do several retakes and complained about everything from her hair and make-up, to the outfit that was chosen for her.”

Celine Dion was working with Gwen Stefani on the show, and rumors have broke that Gwen is a bit of a diva sometimes as well. Earlier this year a source said the following about Stefani.

“Gwen used to be everyone’s favorite, and now a lot of people can’t stand her because sometimes she acts like she owns the show and they are lucky to have her.” Gwen Stefani isn’t on the show every season, but she is back once again.

Gossip Cop is speaking out and saying that this is not true and that Celine Dion wasn’t a diva on the set at all. They actually spoke to sources at NBC and shared that this isn’t true, according to their sources. They were actually told that they loved working with Celine and wanted to have a chance to film with her even more. Of course, there is only so much time on a show like this and they have to make sure they focus on the competition part of the season.

A rep for Celine Dion is also speaking out about the rumors.

“She [Celine] stayed well into the night to help each contestant. The show could not stop shooting because Celine was giving so much.” When it comes to clothing, the rep said that she “makes her own choices regarding clothes,” and the production team never picked out her outfits. Because of that, there is no way that Celine could have complained because there was nothing to complain about if she picked the outfits out.

Right now, viewers are enjoying the battle rounds on The Voice. This is where two people go head-to-head, and then their coach picks who they want to keep around and who they want to send home. You also stand the chance of getting picked up by another coach if you are sent home with the steal. It won’t be long before it will be time for the live shows, where everyone at home gets to vote on their favorites.

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