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Hunting Wrestlers Suspended For Killing Several Rabbits

University of Iowa

Two rabbit hunting wrestlers at the University of Iowa have been suspended for killing several animals on campus, according to ESPN.

Freshmen Alex Meyer and Connor Ryan were suspended on Wednesday for an incident that happened on campus Tuesday evening. Armed with an air rifle, the wrestlers decided to hunt a few rabbits in order to make a couple of hats. The pair were also hunting rabbits last Saturday night.

Security officers spotted Meyer and Ryan wandering around campus with what appeared to be a long rifle. Authorities later found air rifles and several rabbit skins inside Meyer’s dormitory. Both students were soon placed under arrest.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the hunting wrestlers are suspended indefinitely and may face further disciplinary action from the university. Athletic director Gary Barta explained that no further details will be released until an investigation has been conducted.

For their role in the rabbit hunting debacle, Alex Meyer and Connor Ryan have both been charged with discharging air rifles within city limits and violating a state law that bans hunting after dark. Meyer will also be cited for hunting without a license.

According to The Huffington Post, neither Meyer nor Ryan have issued a statement on their arrest and suspension. Meyer’s mom stated that she had no information to share regarding her son’s rabbit-related troubles.

State Department of Natural Resources spokesman Mick Klemesrud said that both wrestlers could have avoided all of this trouble by paying a visit to one of the local wildlife areas near the university.

“If they want to hunt rabbits, they can come out to the countryside, either knock on doors and ask for permission to go on private land or come to our public areas,” he said. “But you can’t hunt in town.”

For the record, rabbit season in Iowa runs from September 1, 2012 to February 23, 2013. Shooting hours are from sunrise to sundown.

What do you think should happen to these rabbit hunting wrestlers?

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21 Responses to “Hunting Wrestlers Suspended For Killing Several Rabbits”

  1. Anonymous

    what the hell is wrong with this trailer trash? "dad gum it, I'm bored. lets go kill us some rabbits on campus and make us some hats. maybe we can meet us some womens that way-womens love them hats!"

  2. Jerry Michael

    Anyone who kills animals for sport or " fun " needs help , mental help . How hard is it to Kill wild animals ? Its really simple now days with all the technology . Every store in the world , in this country even , is packed with food . There is absolutely no reason to kill animals now days . I see your photos your a hunter . Its simply not acceptable in my book bud . All hunters have these pictures like their proud of killing things . hanging heads on their wall at home and posing with bleeding deer . i don't get it and frankly i think its sick and shows a lack of something mentally. They HAD to kill things in the old days or they would not have survived . This is 2012 , stores are full of food .

  3. Bill Chase

    They should be punished appropriately for hunting without a license and hunting after hours. They were poaching hunting outside of legal hunting hours, as a hunter, I feel they should be punished for their mistakes and then it should be over and done with. No need to ruin their school careers for their misjudgement. If you don't hunt and don't care for that lifestyle than don't go trying to over punish them. To each his own, you may do things others don't like so, don't try to impose your will on others. These young men made mistakes let them pay for their mistakes and move on with their lives.

  4. Jess Miller

    So does that food in the "store" not die? Maybe you should not post stuff unless you have a firm grasp on the way the real world works, you just stay in the Disney "made up world" that you ovoiously live in.

  5. Bill Chase

    Jerry Michael hunting is about traditions. You don't like to hunt then don't hunt, don't try to impose your will on others. So what if every store in this country sells food if they choose to hunt it's their choice to do so. I hunt, I fish if you don't like it you're entitled to your opinion, you may voice it but you can't make anyone change because you don't like something. There is nothing mentally wrong with me either, I hunt and anything I shoot I eat, wild animals are actually a whole lot healthier than the store bought food full of growth hormones and what not. I hunt deer,turkey, squirrels, rabbit, pheasant, among others. There is nothing wrong with hunting, nothing at all! In this great Nation that we live in, we have the right to go out and hunt if we so choose! If you don't like it then don't hunt. That's whats wrong with the world these days too many people telling others they shouldn't do something because they're offended by it. My fellow hunters and I aren't the one with the problem you are. Live and let live, if you don't like something it's your right not to do it. You have no right to tell others what they should or shouldn't do! These boys should be punished for the laws they broke, hunting without a license, hunting outside of hunting hours and hunting on the schools property. Those are serious enough the majority of hunters are ethical and follow all rules and regulations. They should be punished for the things they did and that's it, once it's over and done with it's time for them to get on with the rest of their lives. Let the punishment fit the crime, there is no reason these boys should be kicked out of school and ruin their education.

  6. Dean Rogers

    I noticed in all your infinite wisdom you failed to address the aspect of hunting cute…fuzzy bunnies for sport…ass hole

  7. Bill Chase

    Dustin I'm with you let them pay for the rules they broke and move on it's over and done with.

  8. Justin Tracey

    Do you understand how much wrestlers have to starve themselves? They were prob going crazy from starvation. Rocky chased chickens, maybe it was for training?

  9. Michael Alan Bridges

    Jerry Michael YOu seem to be confused about your history, I guess your ancestors all stalked the wild lettuce, let me tell you something, even with today's technology, it is damn difficult to get an animal, take deer, I have hunted for the last 16 years and while I don't have a nice convienient place to go on a daily basis, I have only killed 2, if one happens to be a nice buck, I will most certainly take a pic and maybe save the rack, but you can't eat horns and I would rather have a nice juicy doe anyway. Rabbits are very fast, and much harder to kill with a rifle than a shotgun, mighty tasty too! why not go out and give it try before telling us how "easy" it is….Other wise you come off looking like a fool….

  10. Earl Kenna

    Amy I agree they should be punished for there misjudgement but I disagree that they should be punished twice. Either the law should fine and punish them or the school.

  11. Greg Zimmerman

    Jess Miller As you know Jess there are rules to hunting. You don't go hunting at a school campus endangering students and giving a bad name to hunters who play by the rules.

  12. Timothy Barnes

    Nothing wrong with Hunting rabbits, but you must get a license, and do it in the proper place. a small fine is in order and reinstate the kids on probation status until they finish there degree.

  13. Cia Devereaux

    There are regulations and penalties in place for hunting without a license, hunting after hours, within city limits, etc., etc. Why pose the dumb question "What do you think should happen to these rabbit hunting wrestlers?" when there are provisions to deal with them? Treat them THE SAME as anybody else who ignores and intentionally breaks regulations. They should receive no special consideration, nor should they be treated more harshly.

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