Anna Duggar Slammed For Falling Pregnant Again After Josh Duggar Scandals

Anna Duggar Slammed For Falling Pregnant Again After Josh Duggar Scandals

Anna Duggar is pregnant with her fifth child. This was announced last week on the official Duggar family website and Facebook page. It was short and to the point with very little details available about the pregnancy. The couple revealed the baby would be another boy, but no due date has been announced. This will be the third grandchild born this year to Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar; all of them little boys. Jill Duggar Dillard is due in July with her second child, and Jessa Duggar Seewald gave birth to her second child in February.

#JoshDuggar, 29, and #AnnaDuggar, 28, are expecting their fifth child — a boy due later this year!!! The newborn will join the couple's other children — Mackynzie Renee, 7, Michael James, 5, Marcus Anthony, 3, and Meredith Grace, 20 months.

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There have not been any congratulatory messages sent from siblings with the announcement of Anna Duggar’s pregnancy. This has been noticed by critics and fans, especially since the married sisters usually release a video statement to promote their family websites. According to the Hollywood Gossip, Anna Duggar expecting again isn’t garnering the fan reaction the family may have hoped to receive. The comments on the Facebook page are harsh, and social media is filled with comments slamming Anna for being “stupid” and “misguided” for having another child with her husband, Josh Duggar.

Josh Duggar caused a lot of pain for his entire family but also brought shame upon his wife, Anna Duggar. 2015 was a hard year for their family. There was a police report leaked that indicated Josh had molested his siblings when they were all minors. The case had been closed, and the record was supposed to have remained sealed. When it leaked, it opened old wounds for the Duggar girls who were affected by this tragedy. Anna had already been informed of what had happened when Josh was a minor, and she married him anyway. At the time, she was pregnant with her fourth child Meredith.

Several weeks later, another scandal rocked the Duggar family and directly affected Anna Duggar. It was revealed that her husband had two accounts with the well-known cheating site, Ashley Madison. After that, things just rolled downhill. Josh released a statement and then went silent. Anna was left to pick up the pieces of betrayal and raise her children while her husband was whisked away to an Illinois rehabilitation center. She did visit him over the holidays and reported a little bit about the situation when TLC ran a special titled, Jill & Jessa: Counting On.

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After six months in rehab, Josh Duggar returned home to Anna and the kids. He stayed out of the spotlight and was banned from appearing on the new show his family had on the TLC network. Since then, Josh has reportedly been working at a car lot to earn an honest wage. Anna Duggar has also stayed away from the cameras with the last public picture of her and the children taken sometime last fall. Rumors of her pregnancy have circulated for months, which doesn’t help when trying to calculate when she is due with her fifth child.

With all of the heartache Anna Duggar has been through, slamming her for being pregnant again is a little harsh, according to some fans. There are still some supporters left out there, although the majority of the comments have been pretty negative. A lot of people expected Anna to divorce Josh Duggar after the second scandal broke, but she remained by his side. Several accusations have been thrown out about Anna being brainwashed into believing she is at her husband’s beck and call, and many believe that is the case. Whether anyone likes it or not, Anna Duggar is going to be delivering her fifth child at some point this year, and the family is celebrating the addition of a new life.

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