The Entire Cast Of ‘The Amazing Race’ 29: Who Would You Pick For Your Partner?

The cast of "The Amazing Race" 29

After 28 seasons, shows like The Amazing Race have to mix things up a bit to keep viewers interested in watching. Over the years, the show has had families compete, internet celebrities and blind dates, but Season 29’s twist might be best yet. All 29 racers will be complete strangers, and they will have to pick their own teammates based on nothing but first impressions.

According to CBS, the racers will have only a few moments to learn each other’s names before they will be sent out to race through nine countries, 17 cities and about 36,000 miles all for a chance to win $1 million dollars. To shake things up further, the show is undergoing a new time change. The Amazing Race will air on Thursdays at 10 p.m. beginning March 30 on CBS.

“For years, The Amazing Race fans have suggested we line up complete strangers and match them up at the starting line to see what would happen. These newbie racers begin with no pre-existing relationships or emotional baggage, and the excitement of traveling around the world to complete dozens of gut-busting, mind-blowing challenges quickly ignites tension,” said the show’s host Phil Keoghan in a press release.

The Amazing Race is not only a favorite with fans, but it has also won 10 Emmy Awards as well, which isn’t too bad for a reality TV series.

The Amazing Race, in scope, is the biggest reality show ever created. It brings people from all walks of life together on a global scale, and traditionally sends teams with established relationships on an adrenaline-packed, exotic adventure. However, this season, we are excited to pair complete strangers and see how they handle the pressure of traveling the world with someone they just met,” said co-creator and executive producer Bertram van Munster.

To get a better idea of who is competing on Season 29, watch the video and learn more about the runners below.

Here are this season’s competing runners with a little information about each of them. Who would you pick as a partner and who do you think should be paired up with whom?

Runners for "The Amazing Race 29"

Shamir Arzeno (28) – Associate at Top Banking Firm
Favorite hobbies: Bodybuilding, powerlifting, meal prepping, reading and traveling

Logan Bauer (27) – Orthopedic Device Representative
Biggest goal: “Finishing the race is my biggest goal because it means I’ll have made it around the world in my first venture outside of the U.S., and I hope to make lifelong friends along the way!”

Olive Beauregard (24) – Firefighter
Thoughts about partner: “I hope my partner is as determined and strong willed as myself, but at the same time has a funny lighthearted side.”

Brooke Camhi (36) – Director of Business Development
Thoughts on partner: “I hope my partner loves this game as much as I do and wants to win it just as badly. I also hope it’s a guy who has brute strength because I have a feeling he’s going to have to carry my backpack part of the way. I hope he has a similar sense of humor to me and that we can laugh our way around the world (although there will probably be a fair amount of yelling and crying too).”

Runners for "The Amazing Race 29"

Tara Carr (38) – U.S. Army Officer
Biggest challenge: “Probably a heights challenge like bungee jumping or sky diving. I’m actually afraid of heights!”

Joey Covino (46) – Police Sergeant
Thoughts about partner: “That they have heart, and use every ounce of it! That they accept the situation, deal with it and move on. They don’t have the words “I can’t” in their vocabulary.”

Becca Droz (26) – Rock Climbing Instructor and Barista
Hobbies: Beatboxing and freestyling, dancing, juggling, skiing, gardening and video editing

Liz Espey (24) – Auctioneer
Three words to describe you: “Confident, sassy, and firecracker! They don’t call me Firecracker for nothing!”

Runners for "The Amazing Race" 29

Scott Flanary (34) – University Recruiting Manager
Thoughts about partner: “My partner can’t get frustrated too quickly. He or she also shouldn’t have the words ‘I can’t’ in his or her vocabulary.”

Sara Fowler (27) – Real Estate Agent
Biggest fear: “Nothing… Well, maybe the drinking water in certain countries.”

London Kaye (27) – Street Artist
Thoughts on partner: “I will not be able to put up with any drama. Please, no crying.”

Matt Ladley (25) – Professional Snowboarder
Biggest fear: “Getting sucked into the toilet on the airplane.”

Runners for "The Amazing Race" 29

Jenn Lee (25) – Professional Model
Thoughts on partner: “I hope my partner is strong, smart and shares the same passion to run and conquer the Race. Also, I hope he’s a dude. I tend to work better with males, especially in competitive situations like the Race, because our level of thinking is similar, to the point and less emotional.”

Kevin Ng (31) – Physio/Certified Athletic Trainer
Biggest Challenge: “Driving. I’m going to say it, but Asians and cars sometimes don’t mix.”

Francessca Piccoli (33) – U.S. Army
Biggest Fear: “What scares me the most is traveling through an unknown place in this world without having a phone. I have become so dependent on such a small device that I am not sure I can function without it, but I am willing to try.”

Floyd Pierce (21) – College Student
Three words to describe you: “Optimistic, driven and juicy.”

Runners for "The Amazing Race" 29

Michael Rado (37) – Butcher
Biggest goal: “I hope to make my daughter proud of me.”

Redmond Ramos (28) – Motivational Speaker
Most proud of: “I won the CBS Sports show Triumph Games. I have always lived my life and I have never been fake. I’m proud that I’ve always stayed true to myself.”

Jessica Lynn Shields (28) – K-9 Police Officer
Thoughts on partner: “I hope my partner is a male, can read a map and isn’t emotional…because I am as emotional as 15 women put together.”

Ashton Theiss (25) – Real Estate Agent
Thoughts on partner: “Being able to work together and set aside differences will likely be the biggest challenge. Not knowing who I will be with circling the globe is terrifying. But, I feel that I can work with just about any personality type.”

Runners for "The Amazing Race" 29

Seth Tyler (37) – Police Officer
Three words to describe you: “Driven, focused and silly.”

Vanck Zhu (28) – Investment Research
Three words to describe you: “Intellectual, objective and resourceful.”

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