Major Concern About Seth Rollins Health

WWE News: Major Concern For Seth Rollins’ Health Heading Into ‘Wrestlemania 33’

No one wants to see Seth Rollins miss Wrestlemania for the second straight year, but there is some serious concern about Rollins risking his long-term health in order to be medically cleared for Wrestlemania 33. As of this writing, the expectation is the match between Rollins and Triple H is still happening, especially after the brawl they had during this week’s edition of Raw, but it’s not confirmed that Seth is medically cleared.

It has been reported that Rollins is close to being cleared to compete at Wrestlemania. He’s close enough to have an intense brawl with The Game on Raw, and he’s claimed he would be medically cleared for the match with Triple H. For all intents and purposes, Seth Rollins will be wrestling a full match in Orlando in roughly two weeks. However, is Rollins risking his entire WWE career and his health for the glory of Wrestlemania?

Seth Rollins was forced to miss Wrestlemania 32 because of a knee injury he suffered during a match with Kane a few months earlier. Only a few months before Wrestlemania 33, he suffered another knee injury that is still threatening his status for Orlando. Based on what happened on Raw, WWE could write Seth Rollins off the Wrestlemania card because he may be willing to risk everything just to make the April 2nd deadline.

Seth Rollins May Be Rushing Back For Wrestlemania 33
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There is no question that WWE doctors are unlikely to risk Seth Rollins’ long-term health simply to keep the match with Triple H. It’s been reported that Finn Balor is waiting in the wings if Rollins isn’t cleared for the event. WWE officials could find a creative way to have Balor vs. HHH at Wrestlemania 33 if necessary. The only way Rollins will be wrestling a full match in Orlando is if he’s actually medically cleared to compete.

However, there’s some major concern backstage with WWE officials that Seth Rollins is rushing through his rehab to make Wrestlemania 33 despite the significant risk that he may reinjure his knee in the process. WWE officials are unlikely to allow Rollins to risk his long-term value to the company or risk his entire career with WWE for one match. It may be Wrestlemania, but there are more important things to think about for Seth.

Wrestlemania isn’t like the Super Bowl where you play hurt and have six months off to recover. There isn’t a finish line to cross. Even if Rollins gets through the match with HHH at Wrestlemania, Monday Night Raw is the next night. WWE has a long feud planned between Rollins and Samoa Joe afterward, and Seth Rollins suffering another knee injury over the coming weeks will throw another monkey wrench into WWE’s plans.

Seth Rollins Still Demands Retirubtion For Trilpe Hs Actions
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More importantly, the blame will fall on Seth Rollins and WWE doctors who cleared him. WWE fans would blame both of them, which could hurt the company in many different ways. The worst case scenario is Seth Rollins suffers another big injury and misses more time. If the injury is serious enough, it could derail his entire WWE career, which is the last thing anyone wants to see. WWE officials need to make the right call.

If Seth Rollins is 100 percent healthy before April 2nd, WWE dodged a bullet, and Rollins vs. Triple H can happen on the grandest stage of them all for the WWE Universe’s enjoyment. However, if Rollins will not be cleared to compete or WWE officials aren’t willing to risk it, they’ve created a golden opportunity for Finn Balor to come into the fray, begin a feud with HHH, and to write Rollins off the Wrestlemania card.

The WWE Universe will always wonder what if, but it could be the only way to ensure Seth Rollins makes it to Wrestlemania 34 and beyond. Over the next two weeks, WWE officials need to decide if they want to roll the dice on Rollins’ knee or if they want to play it safe and protect a great WWE Superstar from himself.

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