The Galaxy S8 will have an increased resolution screen

Samsung Galaxy S8 Will Have Increased Screen Resolution

First, there were rumors that Samsung would deliver a 4K screen to at least one of its new Galaxy S8 ­­­devices. This excited people who own or plan to own the Gear VR since the Quad HD screens from previous Galaxy devices that powered the Gear VR looked too pixelated in VR. Then, there was disappointment as it appeared that both the Galaxy S8 and the S8 Plus would only sport Quad HD screens like the previous generations.

Samsung will increase resolution in iPhone
The Galaxy S7 Edge has a Quad HD screen, but the resolution on the S8 screen will be higher. [Image by Daryl Deino]

However, reliable information from BGR reveals that both devices will display Quad HD+ screens with 2960 x 2400 pixel resolutions. It’s not quite 4K, but it’s close. This means that the screen door pixel effect in the Gear VR will be minimized. This is good news for everybody else who doesn’t use the Gear VR; a 4K screen would eat up way too much battery life. According to BGR, both models will also have curved displays.

“One last bit about Samsung’s new Super AMOLED screens — they’ll both be curved this time around. Everyone loves the rounded front and back on Samsung phones like the Galaxy Note 7 and Galaxy S7 edge, but last year Samsung included a flat display panel in the smaller Galaxy S7 model. In 2017, that will no longer be the case.”

Other features on the Galaxy S8 series include an Iris scanner, upgraded cameras, and a new desktop mode that allows users to plug in their smartphone into a dock in order to power a desktop-like experience. Many expect a brilliant and ground-breaking phone from Samsung, especially since they have to gain back their respect rafter the whole Galaxy Note 7 recall.

The new Gear VR will be out in April
The new Gear VR will have a hand controller. [Image by Daryl Deino]

The Galaxy S8 release will coincide with the release of a new Gear VR, which was introduced at Mobile World Congress last month. Droid Life has the news.

“Alongside the Galaxy Tab S3, Samsung also unwrapped a new Gear VR at MWC that should excite VR fans. The new Gear VR is officially called Gear VR with Controller, because well, it comes with a controller.”

As the article points out, the new Gear VR with Controller features 42mm lenses that have an increased 101-degree field of view — this will certainly help the Gear VR experience feel more immersive.

According to Engadget, the controller isn’t that much different from the one on the Daydream View, Google’s virtual reality headset. There is a trigger button on the rear, a circular clickable touchpad, along with volume, back and home buttons. There is also a groove in the controller body that makes it feel easy to grip.

Engadget adds that the controller offers a far more comfortable way to interact with VR content. There are 70 projects that are being produced for the new controller. The new Gear VR will likely be available at the end of April when the Samsung Galaxy S8 is released.

After the release of the Galaxy S8, Samsung will be preparing to launch the Galaxy Note 8. According to Ubergizmo, a codename for the device might have been revealed.

“According to the report, Samsung has assigned the codename ‘Baikal’ to the Galaxy Note 8. For those who are unaware, Baikal is a lake in southern Siberia, it’s believed to be the deepest lake in the world. Just how that’s relevant to the Galaxy Note 8 remains to be seen.”

The article adds that the Galaxy Note 8 is going to feature a 4K display, a new AI virtual assistant (that will be introduced with the Galaxy S8), and a battery made by LG. Other sources say the Note 8 may be a little thicker than the Note 7 in order to allow for a battery that easily fits and won’t explode.

Even though Apple is releasing a much-hyped iPhone 8 this year, 2017 could easily be the year of Samsung’s comeback. Let’s home there are no exploding batteries this time around.

[Featured Image by David Ramos/Getty Images]