Ciara recently posed nude.

Twitter Slams Ciara’s Nude Pregnancy Pics And Her BFF On Russell Wilson’s Lap

Ciara just can’t seem to escape criticism these days. The latest backlash from social media, particularly Twitter, comes after the singer flaunted her pregnancy with her husband, Russell Wilson, by going nude for a photo shoot. And although it’s more than two years since Ciara and her rapper ex-fiance Future split, the songstress continues to be criticized by those who seem to think her actions are directed at her ex, noted USA Today.

Ciara isn’t alone when it comes to pregnant celebrities who decide to share their blossoming baby bumps by going nude. In the singer’s case, it was for a photo shoot for Harpers’ Bazaar (you can view some of the NSFW photos here).

Russell Wilson and his wife Ciara (plus her baby bump) pose on the red carpet.
Russell Wilson and his wife Ciara (plus her baby bump) pose on the red carpet. [Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]

One of the controversial photos shows Ciara holding her son Future, who is named after her ex-fiance. The singer’s husband, Russell Wilson, hugs her from behind. But the reason why that particular photo has gone viral has nothing to do with the depiction of a loving, closely knit family.

Some viewers felt that the photo looked peculiar, with memes portraying the “weird” impact of the grouping.

Others concocted a conspiracy theory, contending that because Ciara and Future had a long timeline of legal drama, her photo was “disrespectful” to Future. One Twitter conspiracy theorist summed up the reaction.

“Ciara so disrespectful and I think she does the (expletive) on purpose to get a reaction from Future and to blow up in court.”

And then there were those who focused on Ciara’s child.

“Baby Future is way too old to be naked in that photoshoot and Ciara acts like he really doesn’t have his own father, it’s so disrespectful,” slammed another Twitter user.

Ciara was slammed by some Twitter users for posing nude.
Ciara was slammed by some Twitter users for posing nude. [Image by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]

But it wasn’t all negative. Team Ciara had her champions, who defended her by pointing out that “she has every right to live her life as she pleases.” And for those who expressed anger at the singer’s ability to move on with her life, one person pointed out that there was something “sad” about that attitude.

“The anger at Ciara’s happiness is sort of funny, but it is also really sad. Some of y’all can’t imagine actually moving on.”

A photo’s worth a thousand tweets, and Ciara responded by sharing a stunning photo of herself rather than engage in a wordy defense.

But the internet didn’t react just to that nude photo shoot. Her husband stirred up another controversy on International Women’s Day. The brouhaha took place on Instagram Live, when Russell Wilson asked Ciara’s best friend Yolanda Frederick to sit on his lap, reported Grio.

“This is Ciara and one of my best friends,” said Wilson. “Give these young women and older women and young, young girls some advice on being a woman of empowerment and love.”

Although Russell was hoping for some positive feedback as a result of his Women’s Day comments, that’s not exactly what happened. Instead, he was flooded by reactions to the vision of Wilson with Ciara’s BFF perched on his lap.

While some were annoyed at Wilson for his request that Yolanda sit on his lap, others felt that Ciara’s friend should have refused.

“[W]hy did her best friend feel like it’s ok to sit on his lap.. men are stupid and they don’t think,” tweeted one Twitter user.

Others compared Russell to Ciara’s ex-fiance Future.

“He’s slipping down the slope of Future f**kboyism,” wrote another commentator.

Then there were those who focused on the fact that Wilson had chosen his wife’s best friend as the appropriate person to sit on his lap, or who wondered if Ciara was jealous.

“If I was Ciara I would be jealous,” admitted one commentator.

“I’m all for him getting his lap dance just not from her bf. That’s A #weird request,” pointed out a Twitter user.

[Featured Image by Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images]