John McAfee starts a blog while on the run from murder charges

John McAfee Starts A Blog While On The Lam For Murder

Murder suspect and tech entrepreneur John McAfee has found the time to start a blog while he’s on the run.

Though you might think that a murder suspect would keep a low profile while on the run from authorities, anti-virus software founder John McAfee has done the opposite, launching the blog The Hinterland, which details his experience hiding from authorities in Belize, on Saturday.

Currently, McAfee is the prime suspect in the murder of an American expatriate named Gregory Faull who was shot in his San Pedro town home two weeks ago, reports Gizmodo.

McAfee’s first blog entry, titled “Introduction,” begins:

“With lots of time on my hands and very little to do with it, I’ve been reflecting on the recent detour my life has taken. How did I end up as a murder suspect on the lam? The world press certainly has not helped. Autonomous and self-serving, the press does what it does best — sensationalize. And my character and the recent events of my life have been sensationalized to the max.”

“I need to tell my story,” McAfee says while also criticizing reporter Jeff Wise, who wrote the article that originally alleged McAfee’s involvement in Faull’s murder.

Since launching the blog on Saturday, McAfee has written a dozen entries, which primarily focus on his legal troubles, though also take detours into the mundane, with entries describing the culture of Belize. One entry, titled “If I am captured,” says that if McAfee is caught, he has enough pre-written material to keep the blog going for at least a year.

ABC News confirmed that the blog is in fact authentic, and tech blog Mashable seems to think that McAfee’s blog is the real deal as well.