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Disheveled Mitt Romney Reportedly Spotted Pumping Gas By Reddit

mitt romney pumping gas

A disheveled Mitt Romney may have been spotted pumping gas in the wild by a random Reddit user after going mostly silent in the weeks after his stunning defeat in the 2012 election.

The pic of Mitt Romney pumping his own gas after election defeat is one that looks, in the aftermath, to be a sad portrait of a man suffering what is probably the most public failure that exists in the free world.

It’s worth mentioning, however, that the pic of Mitt Romney pumping gas posted on Reddit may not be what it appears to be. (Although it very well may, as the explanation is not farfetched.)

The Mitt Romney pumping gas pic could be an old image, or it could be altered. Given our public perception of Romney as an out-of-touch venture capital baron, it would seem that just seeing him at the self-serve doesn’t jibe with our impressions.

However, there is also a compelling set of evidence that the image is genuine, as The Atlantic points out. One is that Mitt Romney was spotted pumping gas near La Jolla, California, the Redditor reports. And, indeed, Romney’s got roots there and may retire in the area:

“The Redditor, mkb95, says the photo was snapped in his home town of La Jolla, California, where Romney does indeed own a home and is reportedly planning to settle down (retire?) following his last election defeat. He says he chatted up Romney, who was obviously without security guards or drivers, for a few minutes, before they both went on their way.”

Does the pic of Mitt Romney pumping gas remind you a bit of post-election Al Gore?

mitt romney pumping gas

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7 Responses to “Disheveled Mitt Romney Reportedly Spotted Pumping Gas By Reddit”

  1. Anita Kulvinskas

    No, but it makes me think of the nasty bias reporting on a picture you have no proof of being recent or even him, could be a look alike. This sounds like the garbage from National Enquirer. oh, just saw the Inquisiter and no wonder! It is garbage!

  2. Amber Ellis

    You know, I couldn't stand what he stood for, how he felt about "us normal people" and the values he seems to hold. I really disliked him SO VERY MUCH during the election. But in the last couple of weeks since it's all happened, I've been thinking about him because he has fallen off the face of the earth, (or so it would seem). And then I got to thinking about how that must feel! How hard it must be for ONE person to campaign as hard as he did, and have to face such defeat in front of SO MANY PEOPLE! I don't know if I would be able to hold it together…. I can't imagine how he must be struggling with this. If you really think about it, I mean REALLY think about it, it has GOT to be hard. Now…. with all of that being said, I do believe that he did it to himself. But I do, however, feel for this man. I hope that he is able to cope and deal with these feelings because depression can hit anyone, even the extremely wealthy.

  3. Christopher Koulouris

    Which in a way might explain why Mitt lost the election in the first place. He failed to really perceive and place himself amongst the many Americans where such daily experiences (ie the frazzled fighting for your life look…) are the real nitty gritty of mainstay existences, never mind flashy campaign dinners, polished coiffes and political hopefuls groveling at your feet.

    Maybe the Republican party ought to reflect on that now that have tossed him out to the curb….

  4. Tracy Johnson

    If he just waited a little while longer, the government would have pumped it for him. The Obama era motto is: "We help those who refuse to help themselves."

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