Trump's White House 'Share Your Obamacare Disaster Story' Request Gets Trolled

Trump’s White House ‘Share Your Obamacare Disaster Story’ Request Gets Trolled

President Trump made a big gesture as the White House invited people on the mailing list to share their “Obamacare disaster story,” via a link they provided. The email notably did not ask people to share their success stories with the Affordable Care Act — only disaster stories.

The email went on to relate how much of a failure Trump’s camp claims Obamacare has been.

“Obamacare has been a complete failure since the beginning, and things are only getting worse. Today, President Donald J. Trump held a listening session to hear directly from Americans who have experienced significant hardship as a result of Obamacare’s poor coverage and rising prices. President Trump wants to hear from hard-working Americans like you. How has Obamacare affected you? Share your Obamacare disaster story. During the meeting, one woman revealed that she had her health insurance cancelled three times since Obamacare became law. Another attendee had her insurance jump from $17,000 a year to a devastating $52,500 a year for her struggling family, while yet another said her health insurance now costs more than her mortgage.”

Continuing to bash Obamacare in the email, the text read that the healthcare solution was sold as a package that would help all Americans, but claimed that the country received broken promises. As such, Trump’s White House claimed that millions of “hard-working Americans” experienced escalated costs and cancelled plans with “overbearing mandates” when they signed up for Obamacare.

Therefore, President Trump urged “innocent Americans” to share their experiences with how “this disastrous law has affected you and your family,” without any pleas for folks in the U.S. to relate how Obamacare may have helped their families. Nevertheless, that hasn’t stopped folks on Twitter and other social media platforms from using the link to explain how ACA has helped their families. As seen in the below tweet, Bryan Dawson wrote about how much Obamacare helped his mother, who was plagued with cancer, when they couldn’t afford other healthcare.

The email from Trump’s White House claimed that Obamacare caused higher costs for millions of Americans with fewer healthcare options, and asked the public to express how Obamacare has had an impact on them. As with other times when the White House has reached out for stories leaning in a certain direction, the topic seems to have gotten hijacked by people who are expressing how much Obamacare has actually helped their lives when they could not afford other options of healthcare.

Not everyone has experienced positive things with Obamacare, however, and those folks are also turning to social media to express their plight. Others are using the link provided to completely troll the White House with funny stories that are likely made up.

A search for “Obamacare story” on Twitter results in a plethora of responses from people via social media about the White House request. Searching for the more detailed “Obamacare disaster story” also results in plenty of people claiming Obamacare helped them.

The email landed in certain inboxes with the headline “Share Your Obamacare Disaster Story” from The White House at the email address, which, according to Gmail, is still related to The Obama White House’s Google Plus page, with more than 3.2 million followers. But that’s neither here nor there, because the email was decidedly from the White House run by President Donald Trump, who can be seen in the above photo from Monday, March 13. Mr. Trump made a gesture with his hands as he spoke at a meeting on healthcare in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington. President Trump is also gaining buzz for the survey.

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