Nicki Minaj ugly feuds with Miley Cyrus and others

Nicki Minaj’s Ugly Feud With Remy Ma And More

Nicki Minaj has had ugly feuds with Miley Cyrus and others, with Remy Ma being one of her possibly toughest rivals.

There seems to be a timeline when it comes to the number of people Nicki Minaj seems to have drama with. With Remy Ma being the most recent respondent.

The rapper initially allegedly dissed Remy Ma while she was still in prison, and once she was released Remy questioned how genuine Nicki was. Remy released a seven-minute-long diss track, “shETHER,” about fellow rapper Nicki. In the latest track, Remy talked about Nicki’s plastic surgery and went on to detail other things about the rapper, such as her sex life with Meek Mill, as well as infidelity.

Nicki Minaj ugly feuds with Miley Cyrus and others
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Minaj, who is known not to remain silent when it comes to anything that may affect her directly, went silent for two weeks after the track was released by Remy. She finally responded with not one, but three songs, and went on to challenge Remy Ma to release a hit song within 72 hours, without mentioning her name, and Nicki would give her half a million dollars.

Before the epic headlining diss tracks, Nicki has had feuds with the likes of Miley Cyrus, Mariah Carey, and others. Nicki went on the Ellen DeGeneres show and after being asked by a fan if she had regretted any of her feuds. She responded, “All my feuds I regret, because I’m a sweet person, and I don’t wanna be mean to people.”

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Nicki Minaj On American Idol

When Nicki was on American Idol as a judge, one of the most epic feuds that she had was with Mariah Carey. The two did not get along, and it was never clear whether this was for ratings or was truly deep hatred for each other. A video of the two fighting surfaced right before the premiere of the season, and it showed Nicki stating that she would not put up with Mariah. Keith Urban seemed to try to calm down Nicki while Mariah looked on.

Mariah went on to make claims to Barbara Walters that Nicki had threatened to shoot her. Nicki responded by saying that one should say no to violence, and that Mariah was milking her made-up comment. Mariah continued to make allegations that she didn’t feel like she worked in a safe environment, and that she was a professional who wasn’t used to such an environment.

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Nicki And Taylor During The VMAs

Nicki and Taylor Swift did not end up having a long-standing feud like she’s had with Mariah and Lil’ Kim. The rapper was frustrated when her hit song, “Anaconda” wasn’t nominated for MTV Video of the Year in 2015. She said that if you wanted your video to be nominated for video of the year, your video should celebrate women with very slim bodies. This was in reference to Taylor’s video for “Bad blood,” as opposed to hers that had women of different sizes dancing in it. Taylor figured that she had been insulted by the rapper and said that it was unlike Nicki to pit women against each other, informing her that maybe it was the men who had taken up her position.

Taylor eventually apologized upon realizing that Nicki’s tweet wasn’t directed at her. Taylor’s other rival, Katy Perry, decided to weigh in on the short lived feud by tweeting that she had found it ironic that Taylor had used the pit against women argument when yet she had immeasurably capitalized on taking down a woman, probably referring to the song “Bad Blood,” which was rumored to be an attack on Perry.

Nicki Minaj Vs. Miley Cyrus Vs. Zanotti

Miley Cyrus was part of some of the ugly feuds that Nicki has had in the past. However, this time the singer was the one who caused the spark in Nicki when she went to the New York Times for an interview and made some comments about the rapper. This was after she was asked for her opinion on the Taylor feud. She stated that Nicki wasn’t too kind and that it wasn’t polite.

Nicki Minaj ugly feuds with Miley Cyrus and others
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Nicki didn’t take the comment lightly and dropped her infamous question, “Miley, What’s good?”

Nicki had her own cover story for the New York Times whereby she responded by saying that Miley shouldn’t only just want the good without the bad, and that if she wanted to have fun and enjoy black women, then she should also want to know what affects black women.

”The fact that you feel upset about me speaking on something that affects black women makes me feel like you have some big balls. You’re in videos with black men, and you’re bringing out black women on your stages, but you don’t want to know how black women feel about something that’s so important?”

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