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Ariel Winter’s Dad Opposes CPS, Wants Custody Of Daughter

Ariel Winter’s dad has weighed in on the Modern Family star’s current family court woes after the actress’ sister moved to assume guardianship of the teen.

Ariel Winter’s dad, Glenn Workman, “filed an objection to the guardianship” of the girl after a series of events that vary depending on whose side of the story you hear.

A few weeks prior, Ariel Winter’s dad hadn’t been heard from (at least in the media), but we first learned the teen had been removed from her home after she alleged her mother had emotionally and physically abused her.

Winter’s mom Chris Workman fired back though, denying claims of abuse and countering that Ariel had gone off the rez when her mother caught her in bed with an older boy. Workman strongly implied the pair were having adult relations at the time the incident occurred.

Ariel’s grandpa also weighed in, saying he’d never witnessed abuse, and Winter herself called her mother a liar and denied having relations with the unnamed 18-year-old boy. Yesterday, we reported that Child Protective Services had recommended that Winter be placed under the guardianship of sister Shanelle Gray, citing major concerns with the emotional abuse that Ariel’s mother allegedly inflicted on her.”

A common criticism of Child Protective Services is their tendency to overlook preferred custody arrangements, however, and Winter’s dad has come forward to object in a moving and seemingly heartfelt motion, calling the teen star his “Retirement Surprise Child.”

TMZ grabbed Ariel Winter’s dad’s declaration, and in it, he swears:

“I am physically, emotionally, and financially capable of caring for my daughter, without limitation. No evidence has been produced that suggests any detriment to Ariel associated with my father-daughter relationship with her.”

Ariel Winter's Grandfather Denies Seeing Abuse

Workman continues, explaining that he is self-supporting and disinterested in his daughter’s TV earnings:

“I am a frugal and modest person with a moderate income who doesn’t need Ariel’s income to survive.”

Further, Winter’s dad explains that he treats his daughter with respect, enjoys her company, and respects her decision making ability:

“We enjoy going on long walks together … and I love to listen to her talk to me … I find her to be very interesting … I believe Ariel has demonstrated a lot of maturity and is at an age now that she should have more control over her finances.”

However, Workman also admits his daughter may be moving too fast in her social development, as evidenced by the fact she is dating a much-older boy. It may turn out that Ariel Winter’s dad lucks out in this case, as CPS is far more likely to be forced to recognize his rights due to the intense media exposure given the case.