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‘Young And Restless’ Spoilers: Chelsea Reveals Christian’s Paternity, Stuns Nick

Young and Restless spoilers tease that Chelsea (Melissa Claire Egan) could tell Nick (Joshua Morrow) something that will cause him to question their relationship. Chelsea may be forced to tell Nick the truth about Christian’s paternity, fearing if Nick found out she lied —their relationship would be over.

Young and Restless spoilers suggest that Chelsea will decide to come clean to Nick about Christian’s paternity. Adam’s return is still up in the air, but it looks like Christian’s paternity will come out with or without him.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Chelsea is tired of lying to Nick and wants to build a life with him without the paternity secret being held over her head. She knows that when Nick learns of the paternity cover-up, he will be livid. However, she hopes in time he will calm down and realize she was doing what she thought was best, at the time.

Elizabeth Hendrickson out on 'Young and Restless'
Elizabeth Hendrickson out on ‘Young and Restless.’ [Image by Mark Davis/Getty Images]

Young and Restless writer Sally Sussman revealed several months ago that she doesn’t know when they will bring Adam back. She didn’t feel he was needed and implied that Nick may never find out that Christian isn’t his son.

As the Young and Restless know, secrets don’t stay buried long in Genoa City. Christian’s paternity secret is a doozy, so it’s bound to come out.

Last week on Young and Restless, Victor (Eric Braeden) begged Chelsea to keep Christian’s parentage a secret because he feared the truth would hurt Nick. Chelsea refused to promise to maintain the secret but agreed with her father in law that it was in Nick’s best interest to never find out the truth.

This time, Chelsea agree to keep the secret because she promised Adam and doesn’t want to hurt Nick. Sage (Kelly Sullivan) wrote Adam a letter before she died that she knew he was Christian’s father and hoped he would let Nick raise Christian. Young and Restless spoilers state that Adam told Chelsea that he planned to allow Nick to raise his son because it was best for him. Chelsea wants to honor Adam and Sage’s wishes, but if Nick finds out, it could end their relationship.

Young and Restless spoilers reveal that when Nick finds out the truth, he will be devastated. He will be angry with his dad and Chelsea. Nick could hold a grudge and shut Chelsea out of his life.

Nick may forgive Chelsea after he has time to think. Young and Restless spoilers suggest that Chelsea isn’t Sharon (Sharon Case) so it’s possible Nick’s grudge won’t last long. Christian’s paternity will affect their relationship in some way. What if it strengthens their bond?

'The Young And The Restless' Photocall At The 53rd Monte Carlo TV Festival
Will Nick (Joshua Morrow ever find out Christian isn’t his son? [Image by Francois Durand/Getty Images]

Young and Restless fans would love to see Adam return, but the showrunners aren’t ready to resurrect him just yet. They believe that the character is too controversial and would rather leave him dead, for now. Maybe, they are waiting for the perfect recast option to fall in their lap. It happened with Justin Hartley so that it could happen again.

Last week, Daytime Confidential confirmed that Elizabeth Hendrickson was out on Young and Restless. She would leave Genoa City in a shocking exit. The report seems to imply that Chelsea will discover that Chloe was the one who helped Victor frame her husband. Assuming that’s what will happen, Young and Restless fans can expect an epic catfight to happen before Chloe’s exit.

Young and Restless fans are having a hard time believing that Nick will forgive Chelsea for keep the paternity secret. Nick is a man who still holds a grudge against Dylan (Steve Burton) for “stealing his baby,” something that was not his fault.

Young and Restless fans, do you think Chelsea will tell Nick the truth?

Young and Restless airs weekdays on CBS.

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