Karen Gravano accuses Drita D'Avanzo of vandalizing her car

‘Mob Wives’ Star Karen Gravano Accuses Drita D’Avanzo Of Vandalizing Her Car

Mob Wives star Karen Gravano’s Mercedes got a new paint job. By new paint job, VH1 reported that the reality TV star’s car was vandalized with spray paint. And Karen holds her former co-star Drita d’Avanzo accountable for spraying paint the word “rat” on her car.

In the video shared by TMZ, Gravano’s car was hauled away after someone slashed her tires and spray painted “rat” on the side. Karen immediately knew who allegedly did this to her car —her former Mob Wives co-star Drita D’Avanzo.

Karen explained that she believes that Drita vandalized her car because of a childish beef they had on Mob Wives. Apparently, Gravano saw Lee, Drita’s husband, a few nights ago and heard that D’Avanzo was allegedly stalking her.

“I heard through a couple of people that it was him. At this point, it’s actually so petty and I wouldn’t expect anything less from these clowns. This is what they do. They aren’t relevant anymore. Mob Wives is over, it’s done, to bring up something from a year and a half ago. If this was an issue, I seen him, he could’ve addressed it, like a man but you know this is how men, or not men deal with situations. It’s so old at this point and, anyways, if they have an issue with my father they can deal directly with him.”

Karen said that the Mob Wives beef with Drita is dead, at least on her side. Gravano has moved on from the drama with D’Avanzo over her husband. Apparently, she is not even thinking about Drita and her beef with her because she has “many” projects in the works. As far as the vandalism, Karen’s camp will have to deal with it and put a plan in place that will prevent it from happening again.

If you recall on the Mob Wives finale, Drita did nearly pull Karen top off after which she called her a rat. However, Drita’s people didn’t immediately have a comment about the incident. They only stated that Drita wishes Gravano well and hopes she has a successful year. It didn’t take Drita to post to Instagram about Karen’s “thirsty” allegations.

Busy day at my studio..met some amazing people today!! I'm tired.????

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Drita claims that vandalism is not her style. If she had a problem with Gravano, she would “punch her.” And that’s not all; she accuses Karen of being obsessed with her.

“First of all, I truly feel sorry for this thirsty a– delusional lonely old woman,” Drita wrote on Instagram.

“It’s funny how I recently posted about being back in your TV screens..created/exec producing my show and this just so happens to happen? I wouldn’t be surprised if this has-been did this to her own car to be back in the spotlight & once again..using my name to do so. I’m a mom..running a business @ladybossbydrita & don’t have time for this nonsense. Sad…I’m focused on moving in a positive direction..but negative people still trying to bring me down. This “BULL” S–t Artist needs to get a job instead of running out the ocean thinking she’s Gisele Bundchen. I WOULD NOT WASTE MY TIME ON that #mobSlob or a good can of paint for that matter. Vandalism is not my style…punching lying dumb b—-s in the face is. Keep it moving girl..and let me live.”

Karen claims that she has moved on from her feud with D’Avanzo, but she hasn’t. Gravano says the men in her camp know that Lee and Drita D’Avanzo were behind the vandalism and they will deal with it.

D’Avanzo suggested she investigate who really did this to her car before accusing her of something she didn’t do. The Mob Wives drama lives on. Do you think Drita D’Avanzo vandalized Karen Gravano’s car?

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