Chrissy Metz flaunts curves in swimsuit.

‘This Is Us’ Star Chrissy Metz Dares To Bare In Swimsuit Photo Shoot

Actress Chrissy Metz has rocked the world as Kate Pearson on This Is Us, now she’s rocking a body-confident red swimsuit in a new slew of photos published in Harper’s Bazaar. The revealing new pics of Chrissy Metz hit newsstands on March 13, and they feature the 36-year-old beauty flaunting her curves in a plunging red swimsuit, a pinup-worthy polka dot dress, and a blue corset.

Unlike her This Is Us character, who struggles with self-esteem issues stemming from weight problem that has plagued her since childhood, Chrissy Metz told the magazine that she is much more accepting of her full figure than Kate. As Us Weekly reports, Metz said that the confidence to grace the magazine in nothing more than a swimsuit comes from a place of self-love.

“I used to be Kate, but now I’m so far removed from that. When I first heard Harper’s Bazaar wanted me to be sexy, I was like, ‘Who, me?’ I knew y’all were edgy but this is incredible — it’s validation…. I can get into this now because I finally have the confidence.”

Fans of Chrissy Metz who know the stunner from her role as Kate may be shocked that she’d dare to bare enough skin to don a swimsuit on the cover of a fashion magazine. After all, in the breakout hit TV series, Kate seriously struggles to come to terms with her weight. From “fat camp” and support groups to contemplating weight loss surgery, much of the show focuses on Chrissy Metz and her struggle with being obese. One of the show’s opening scenes depicts Chrissy suffering from serious self-loathing; it’s hard to believe the same woman just graced Harper’s in nothing more than an itty bitty corset and swimsuit.

In her Harper’s Bazaar photo spread, Chrissy Metz rocks a curve-hugging, cleavage-baring ruby red one-piece swimsuit by Pinup Girl Clothing. Her other outfits included a sapphire corset provided by Trashy Lingerie and a pinup-esque dress, complete with polka dots, by Unique Vintage.

Chrissy Metz is a native of Florida, and in her first major TV role, she played a character whose physique forced her to become the “fat lady” of a Jupiter, Florida “Freakshow.” Yep, many don’t realize it, but before breaking out on This Is Us and well before sporting a sexy swimsuit for Harper’s, Chrissy Metz had a role on American Horror Story: Freakshow. The body-confident Metz played the much-maligned fat lady alongside the incomparable Jessica Lange.

Unlike her AHS character, Chrissy Metz is now on a mission and “journey to inspire people,” no matter their body type. According to the actress, she wants to encourage people to be and love themselves.

Chrissy also says that, well before her swimsuit shoot, she turned to her fashion choices to help boost her confidence, and she relies on the help of stylist Jordan Grossman to help her get the most of her curves. After all, love ourselves as we might, different styles are rocked differently on different body types. According to Chrissy Metz, her stylist knows her body and knows how to showcase it to her best advantage.

“She knows what works on me. She’s given me permission to try different things. Like, if I ever end up on the worst-dressed list, it’s not going to make me fall apart. I want to look great and feel good and be comfortable, but at the same time, none of this really matters. This is the fun stuff.”

This isn’t the first time that Chrissy Metz has made fashion headlines in recent weeks. The This Is Us star attended her first-ever Elton John Oscars viewing party at the end of February, and she was spotted out shopping for her perfect gown before being photographed sheathed in an exquisite emerald green dress coupled with some stand-out jewelry. When she spoke to the media in her ensemble, Chrissy Metz gave a shout-out to the “magicians,” reports Daily Mail.

As any plus-size girl will tell you, it can get frustrating to be discounted and even disregarded as a person simply because of your weight. And it can be a real struggle to come to terms with a bigger body in a world full of fat-shaming that caters almost solely to single-digit women’s sizes. However, Metz doesn’t let the stigma get her down. She’s made it her mission to inspire and educate.

“I’m more than my weight. I’m more than my body. It’s such a great platform to have a conversation about…like when you educate someone you eliminate the fear.”

With her advocacy and personal body love and confidence, it may even be possible for Chrissy Metz to inspire other “ladies of size” to rock a swimsuit themselves this summer season.

[Featured Image by Willy Sanjuan/Invision/AP Images]