Kellyanne Conway Tweets Human Trafficking

Kellyanne Conway Tweets On Human Trafficking Lawsuit, Trump Against ‘Epidemic’

In the wee hours of Saturday morning, on March 11, Kellyanne Conway tweeted on the issue of human trafficking in response to a recent lawsuit which is currently taking place in Northeast Philadelphia.

Kellyanne Conway received numerous comments in response to her human trafficking tweet. There were multiple individuals who thanked Kellyanne for her support and effort to raise awareness on tough and critical issues.

For as many individuals who supported Kellyanne Conway’s effort to raise awareness on the issue of human trafficking, there were those who commented against Kellyanne and her support of President Donald Trump, condemning him for sexual assault allegations. Some commenters began blaming one political side or the other for the issues at hand.

A 2014 Pennsylvania state law allows the victims of sex traffickers to sue the motel or hotel locations where their sexual abuse occurs. CBS reported that, for the first time since this law was enacted, a civil lawsuit has been filed on behalf of a victim of human trafficking, the same lawsuit that Kellyanne Conway was tweeting about. At this time, the victim is identified only as “M.B.”

The 17-year-old girl’s lawyers are suing the motel where they claim their client had been held against her will and sexually exploited for two years. Prosecutors from Kline and Specter Law Firm have named the Roosevelt Inn, located in Northeast Philadelphia, as the “epicenter of human trafficking.” The Inquirer quoted the girl’s attorneys, stating, “This child was forced into sex slavery, and paid to do things with men double, triple, quadruple her age.”

Lawyers announced the filing of the lawsuit on behalf of their client “M.B., who was sold into sexual slavery at the Roosevelt Motel” at the age of 14, and over the course of two years was forced to have sexual relations with over 1,000 men. A civil case may seem small in regards to human trafficking in general, but the lawyers hope that this case will send a larger scale message to all those involved in human sex trafficking.

“This is a message to the entire motel and hotel industry that if you allow and enable trafficking of youngsters, young women, or any person on your facilities, you will be held responsible and sued for damages under the law.”

In the following video, Gary Haugen, the president and CEO of International Justice Mission, discusses briefing President Donald Trump and his daughter Ivanka Trump on the current state of human trafficking and modern slavery, revealing that there are currently 45 million people being held in slavery.

Human trafficking uses deception, coercion, or force to exploit human beings for labor, trade, or commercial sexual purposes. The act of human trafficking is still rampant in all parts of the world, including the United States.

President Trump publically condemns human trafficking and speaks, in the video below, on his plans to solve the epidemic of slavery and human trafficking within the United States.

Regardless of whether you are Republican, Democrat, or somewhere in between, most people would agree that the issue of human trafficking is one that needs to be brought to light and removed from existence.

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