Blac Chyna to launch new line of dolls

Blac Chyna Is Set To Launch Her Version Of Barbie Dolls [Report]

The reality TV star Blac Chyna, is reportedly set to release a new doll line. The 28-year-old is reportedly planning to launch a new line of miniature figurines modeled to resemble her body and facial features.

According to TMZ, Blac Chyna has teamed up with the company My3DNA, to produce a new line of Chyna dolls. Chyna has been working with My3DNA since August to produce the new dolls. The plans have reached an advanced stage and the dolls are expected to be available for purchase in May, according to TMZ.

Chyna reportedly visited My3DNA studios on Wednesday where she had a photo shoot to model several different versions of her new dolls. During the shoot, she had several outfit changes so that the company will be able to produce different versions of the Chyna dolls, which will come in various sizes.

My3DNA technicians scanned her face and body with CGI equipment. The technicians plan to use 3D printing technology to produce mini replicas of the reality TV star.

It is expected that six to eight versions of the Blac Chyna dolls will be available in May at a price of $75 apiece.

Chyna gave a hint of her plans recently on social media when she posted a video to Instagram (see below). The video shows photographers snapping photos and filming while she stood in a pink cat suit, sporting blonde cropped hair.

The photo had the caption, “Working on something for my Chyna Dolls.”

???? Working on something for my Chyna Dolls

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Replicas of Blac Chyna clasping her prominent baby bump during her last pregnancy are already available under her Mini-Chyna collection. The dolls range in price from $99.99 for a five-inch doll to $399.99 for an 11-inch doll.

According to the website for the Mini-Chyna collection, the pregnant Chyna figurines are the first of a four-part collection.

Blac Chyna reportedly hopes that her dolls will compete favorably with Barbie dolls, which have been widely criticized as promoting unrealistic female body proportions that contribute to body image disorders among young women.

But critics of the new Chyna dolls also argue that the exaggerated secondary sexual characteristics of the Chyna dolls are also potentially harmful to impressionable young minds.

This is not the first time that My3DNA has produced figurines for celebrities. They have produced Drake, Steve Aoki, Dan Bilzerian and Tupac dolls, according to TMZ.

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The latest news follows media reports that Blac Chyna’s romance with her Rob Kardashian is over and that the couple is gearing up for a custody battle over their daughter Dream Renee.

“I expect things to get ugly. Chyna wants full custody with Rob only getting visitations,” a source told People.

The source went to say that Rob has the full support of his family as he prepares for life post-Chyna.

“They’ve all always had their issues with Chyna but they were happy when the relationship was working and when Rob was happy,” the source continued. “But at the end of the day, they all raise an eyebrow at Chyna and her intentions.”

Rob is currently filming for Keeping Up With the Kardashians. But, according to some reports, his split with Blac Chyna has halted the production of their reality show, Rob & Chyna, and there may be no Season 2 for the show.

A source reportedly told Entertainment Tonight that the pair would not be filming their reality show anymore despite the fact that it was renewed for a Season 2 in December.

Rob and Chyna first made their relationship public in January 2016. Rob proposed to Chyna, 28, in April 2016, and a month later, they announced they were expecting their first child who was born in November.

They eventually split in February after a year of romance. Sources close to the pair say there is very little hope of reconciliation because Chyna has made up her mind about the split and might have even moved on. She was seen last Wednesday walking arm in arm with a male friend in Los Angeles.

However, despite the split, Rob and Chyna remain amicable for the sake of their daughter Dream, who is only four months old.

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