Kristen-Stewart bald look for a new movie?

Is Kristen Stewart’s Bald Look For A New Movie?

Kristen Stewart shows off bald look, which may be for her a new movie. She rocked a new shorter hairdo, which soon changed to a buzz cut and dyed it blonde. Her natural brown locks took a back seat to her new punk look.

The Twilight alumni went to the screening of her latest film Personal Shopper in Los Angeles and showed her new look to her fans.

Kristen had said in 2014 that she had always wanted to shave off her hair. She said that she would do so before she died and that she would tattoo her head before her hair grew back, adding that she wasn’t sure what tattoo she would get and what area of her head she would actually get the tattoo.

Kristen-Stewart bald look for a new movie?
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Her hairdresser, Bridget Brager showed off the star’s new look on her Instagram and captioned,

“We tried something a little different today.”

We tried something a little different today ✨✨✨ #KristenStewart for #PersonalShopper ✨Gorgeous #makeup @jilliandempsey Styled by @taraswennen ???? and ✂️ #BridgetBragerHair #punky #perfectlyimperfect #getwhatyouwant Thanks @hairbyashlynb ????????

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Kristen as the personal shopper

Kristen Stewart’s bald look may not just be for a new movie as she had premiered the look at the screening of her latest movie. Though it is yet to be seen on screen.

She is currently promoting her latest film a psychological thriller, Personal Shopper. The film is about Kristen’s character grieving the loss of her twin brother Lewis. The film is directed by Olivier Assayas and the story, which revolves around death, is set in Paris. Kristen’s character tries to contact her dead brother.

The film’s title may lead you to think one thing or the other but the reason for the title is that her character works in Paris as a fashion shopper for French women. Her character begins to receive text messages from strange numbers and one realizes that the messages could either be someone trying to play tricks on her or it could actually be messages coming from a different world perhaps the world of the undead.

Kristen-Stewart bald look for a new movie?
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The actress has talked about her feelings towards texting and modern communication. She told V magazine that texting was new language. The actress told IndieWire that with relation to death itself she said that mourning had changed as once the person has passed away one isn’t able to fathom death as they are used to talking to the person but now they are unable to do so. Adding that because she hasn’t lost anyone before, she’s not sure how she could deal with their loss as their social media presence would remain so prominently and their digital footprint would be difficult to ignore.

The Adventureland actress said that having data in your hands could be really scary. The star had very many feelings towards texting and social media, as she said that people are addicted to quick hits of validation. Stewart herself doesn’t really have a strong social media presence. She has a private Instagram account which she maintains is for her and her friends as she travels a lot and still wants to keep in touch. She once said that she didn’t really understand what one would tweet about.

“People feel so entitled to communication in the digital age.”

Double or nothin!! #kristenstewart ????@jilliandempsey ????@taraswennen #PersonalShopper

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Kristen is proud of coming out

Kristen Stewart recently came out and is very proud that she did so. In a world where everyone pays attention to celebrities and what they’re doing and who they’re seeing it made sense that the star would come out.

She is currently dating model Stella Maxwell and said that she said that it had seemed important and topical. She also went on Saturday Night Live and she joked that she was, “Like so gay” on the show. She said that she shared a part of herself because it felt like an opportunity. Kristen would have kept her private life private if she hadn’t seen this as a relevant topic. He previous relationship with Robert Pattinson was in the public eye and highly scrutinized and she said that the public was the enemy and it was no way to live.

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