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‘Dragon Ball Super’ Episode 82, 83 Spoilers: Battle Royale Between 80 Fighters

Dragon Ball Super Episode 82 spoilers are in and Goku and Toppo’s fight will end in a draw. The summary spoilers for episodes 83 to 84 reveal that there wouldn’t be much action for a while as Goku concentrates on recruiting the best fighters for Universe 7. Omni King’s Tournament of Power will start as a battle royale and Goku needs to make sure he has the most powerful people in the universe to ensure their universe will not perish.

Interrupted Battle

Dragon Ball Super will go on a one-week hiatus and it will be back on March 19 with the episode featuring the battle between Goku and Toppo. Goku defeated Universe 9’s Bergamo and Toppo jumped in after the Gods of Destruction showed their disappointment over the Saiyan’s victory. The strong fighter and Pride Troopers leader is intent on fighting the impertinent top dog from Universe 7. The two fighters will give it a go but they wouldn’t get to finish the fight.

The Great Priest will come between them and inform them that they should finish what they started at the Tournament of Power. With just 40 hours before the battle between the strongest fighters in different worlds, all teams need to prepare to make sure they save their own universe.

Spoilers reveal the first round of the Omni-King’s tournament is designed as a battle royale. All 80 fighters from 8 universes will be gathered on the arena and anyone who falls from the stage is a loser.

Universe 7 Team

Dragon Ball Super Episode 83 spoilers reveal that right after leaving the Omni King’s palace, Goku needs to start gathering the strongest fighters in Universe 7. Given the rules of the tournament, Goku needs a strong team to protect everyone and everything he loves. As the pressure for the upcoming tournament heats up, Bulma and Vegeta will finally meet their daughter Bola. Now that Vegeta has one more life to protect, he will sign up for the tournament. Dragon Ball Super Episode 83 is scheduled to air on March 26.

San Goku’s recruitment will not end with Vegeta and Dragon Ball Super spoilers for Episode 84 reveals his next stop. Goku will seek out Kuririn and Android 18. The spoilers also hint Goku is going to be picky when it comes to choosing who will fight alongside him since the fate of the world will rest on the outcome of the tournament. Choosing the wrong fighters would mean putting an end to their universe. Goku’s effort to recruit Kuririn and his wife No. 18 will be the main feature of Dragon Ball Super Episode 84 which is scheduled to air on April 2.

Android 18 is not the only humanoid to join in the tournament as according to Dragon Ball Super Episode 85 spoilers, Goku will also search for Android 17. Spoilers reveal Goku is going to drop by paying a visit to the god Dende and ask for Android 17’s whereabouts. The search for another member of the team is not the only major event in Episode 85, it seems that the Kaioshins are going to have a council meeting. Spoilers reveal that the Kaioshins of the worlds which are going to participate in the Omni King’s Tournament of Power are all going to Universe 11. It seems that the Kaioshins will discuss something among themselves.

Based on the spoilers, fans need to wait longer to see the beginning of the actual Tournament of Power. The next episodes of Dragon Ball Super will feature how Goku will come to choose the fighters to represent Universe 7.

Dragon Ball Super Episodes 83 and 84 may not be too exciting but hopefully, it will reveal how much stronger the z-fighters have become over the years. Although it is still three episodes away, fans would definitely be looking forward to Dragon Ball Super Episode 85 as it could give a close look at the fighters and the rules of Universe 11. This is Toppo’s world and Universe 11’s God of Destruction is the clown who looks like Joker.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 82 featuring Goku and Toppo’s unfinished fight is set to air on March 19.

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