Surprise guest at event

Tom Cruise Surprise Guest At Buckingham Palace, Meets Prince Philip

Action film royalty Tom Cruise was present at a charity event held at Buckingham Palace where he was treated to a meet and greet with British royalty. The Top Gun star had a brief interaction with Prince Philip during the 75th anniversary event for the Outward Bound Trust, at which Cruise was the surprise guest.

The Daily Mail shares that Tom was perfectly relaxed at the event on Wednesday evening and chatted “animatedly” with the husband to Queen Elizabeth II. The publication notes, “After being formally presented to the Queen’s husband the 54-year-old celebrity (whose full name is the very regal Thomas Cruise Mapother IV) kept his hands firmly in his pocket as they chatted animatedly.”

The event at which Cruise was in attendance was not made public beforehand, and palace reps share that the Hollywood actor was invited because he had supported the trust in the past.

The Daily Mail notes the basis of the trust, indicating that “The Outward Bound Trust is a charity which helps young people achieve their potential through outdoor pursuits. Philip has been patron of the organisation since 1999.”

Tom Cruise is clearly a pretty important guy to have been invited to shake hands with royalty. He is reportedly such an interesting subject that a new E! TV series has been created and seems to be based on his own relationship with his second ex-wife Katie Holmes.

Speculation first swirled months ago when the series was in the works and producers were ramping up promotion of the program. At that point, the claims were said to be untrue. Yet, since the show The Arrangement has aired on the network, more chatter has begun and the similarities between Katie Holmes and Tom Cruise’s high-profile marriage and the plot of the show are being noted. Many, in fact, are convinced that the show is inspired by the very public romance, marriage, and split.

The Mic gives a bit of an overview and notes details about the first episode which definitely seems strikingly similar to the rumors and details of Cruise’s relationship with Holmes.

“The Arrangement, a scripted drama about an aspiring Hollywood actress named Megan who finds herself in an unconventional and potentially disastrous relationship with Kyle, the actor in a major movie she auditioned for.We learn that Kyle is a member of the Institute of the Higher Mind, a mysterious self-help organization run by Kyle’s controlling mentor, Terence. Terence doesn’t approve of Megan but Kyle really likes her and offers her — if she signs a contract — to be his girlfriend and later wife for $10 million.”

Tom Cruise, likewise was an established actor in Hollywood when Katie Holmes came along. Holmes was then just stepping into stardom after getting her break on the teen hit show Dawson’s Creek. Much like Kyle, Tom is a part of a mysterious organization, except it is a faith-based organization-Scientology. There have even been rumors floating around that Katie was forced to sign a contract and the rumors resurfaced as a reason for why she is not fessing up to an alleged relationship with Jamie Foxx.

Producer Jonathan Abrahams commented on the similarities that have been drawn and noted where his inspiration came from, stating, “There were a lot of inspirations for me, I’ve had experiences second- and third-hand in self-help organizations. There are many of them.”

Christina Evangelista, who plays Megan, also commented on the rumors regarding Tom and Katie, sharing “It’s natural for people to compare. But very soon, early on, you see that these people have their own history, their own relationship and we’re not deriving it from any actual people.”

[Featured Image by Ken Ishii/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures]