‘Survivor: Game Changers’ Spoilers: Who Reportedly Does Well On Season 34?

It is time for Season 34 of Survivor to begin, and this one is titled Game Changers. Twenty previous players are being brought back for another chance to compete, and a handful of winners are in the mix of things, ready to take down their former challengers once again. Spoilers tease that there are some twists incorporated into the new battle, and people are anxious to know which castaways manage to outwit, outplay, and outlast. What Survivor spoilers are available in terms of who supposedly makes it far this time around?

As was previously reported by the Inquisitr, Game Changers pits 20 former castaways against one another, and Survivor spoilers previously revealed that filming for Season 34 was done in the Mamanuca Islands in Fiji. Familiar faces will include players like Caleb Reynolds, Brad Culpepper, and Troyzan Robertson, as well as women like Sarah Lacina, Ciera Eastin, and Sandra Diaz-Twine. Some players are returning to the competition for the first time since they originally competed while others are back for their third or fourth Survivor battle.

Which Game Changers castaways are rumored to go out early and which ones supposedly make it to the merge and all the way to the final Tribal Council? Accurate Survivor spoilers in terms of legitimate bootlists have been difficult to come by in recent offerings of the series, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some details available. There has been a lot of speculation over at Survivor Sucks about the elimination order for Season 34, and there are a few tidbits that seem to have been pretty consistent.

Ciera Eastin returns for 'Survivor: Game Changers'
How will Eastin fare in the ‘Game Changers’ version this spring? [Image by Valerie Macon/Getty Images]

Bootlists coming from various threads of Survivor spoilers for Game Changers have claimed that Ciera ends up being the first castaway eliminated in Season 34. Poster SurvivorsUnite, who revealed accurate spoilers for the Heroes vs. Villains competition several years back, has resurfaced on the site and has indicated that many of the rumors regarding the eliminations ahead are actually correct — or close to it. However, the poster has yet to reveal a full supposed bootlist, and viewers will have to tune in to see if these rumors are accurate. However, it does sound likely that Ciera will be the first one out this spring.

Tony Vlachos is supposedly the second one out in Season 34, Survivor spoilers tease, but that comes as a surprise to many, and everybody will be interested to see if that pans out to be legitimate. In addition, rumors point toward Caleb Reynolds as being the third out this spring on Game Changers. This will come as a huge disappointment to many who were anxious to see Caleb return and dominate after his brutal medical evacuation in his previous attempt to win, but the buzz has been swirling for a while now that he departed earlier than most expected.

The next few eliminations haven’t necessarily been fully flushed out yet, but Survivor spoilers for Game Changers point toward Ozzy, J.T., Malcolm Freberg, Sandra, and Jeff Varner being gone pre-merge in some order. Teasers hint that Troyzan, Brad, Sara, Sierra Dawn-Thomas, Cirie Fields, and Aubry Bracco supposedly last beyond the merge and possibly as far as the Final 6 and it seems certain that Michaela Bradshaw at least makes the merge. Aubry is rumored to be something of a mastermind in Season 34, but not everybody is completely onboard with these rumors.

Could Brad Culpepper win 'Survivor' when playing without wife Monica?
Brad Culpepper is back to play ‘Survivor’ again, will he win? [Image by Valerie Macon/Getty Images]

Which castaways are rumored to be in the Final 3 for Game Changers and at the last Tribal Council? The dominating combination of names swirling around via various discussions of Survivor spoilers say that Sarah, Troyzan, and Brad may well be the three to watch, as various Survivor spoilers are emerging that appear to point toward Lacina, Robertson, and Culpepper being the Final 3. The speculation is that Sierra may well be a fierce competitor right up until late in the competition, with her perhaps being set for a final Tribal Council spot and being bumped out thanks to someone else winning immunity and throwing a target on her back.

If the Survivor spoilers and rumors pointing toward a final three of Sarah Lacina, Brad Culpepper, and Troyzan Robertson do pan out to be correct, fans may be moaning and groaning quite a bit. However, it is too soon to know for certain how accurate all of this is and the first few episodes of Season 34 should give a pretty good indication of whether or not the speculation has been hitting the mark. If those are the castaways who make it to the final Game Changers Tribal Council, could Sarah be crowned the winner over Brad and Troyzan as some speculation hints?

Host Jeff Probst teased a few mild Survivor spoilers via TV Guide, where he noted that this season is tough, tense, and brutal, and there are some twists and turns on the way. Tie votes will be handled differently in Game Changers, and the show is shaking things up regarding the immunity idols. Probst mentions alliances between both Tony and Sandra as well as Cirie and Ozzy as ones to watch, and he points toward Brad, Sierra, Michaela, and a few others as ones to keep an eye on throughout Game Changers.

Will the swirling Survivor spoilers regarding Game Changers Season 34 pan out to be accurate or completely off-base? The competition to outwit, outlast and outplay begins again on CBS on Wednesday, March 8, and it sounds as if this one will be a doozy.

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