April the Giraffe Fool's Day

Could April The Giraffe Hold Out Until April Fool’s Day? Watch Live Cam [Video]

While millions are glued to the live giraffe cam, waiting for April to give birth, there are some who think it would be perfect if she could hold out until April Fool’s Day. April is a 15-year-old reticulated giraffe who lives with her 5-year-old mate, Oliver, and approximately 200 other animals at the Animal Adventure Park in Harpursville, New York.

Park owner Jordan Patch observed mating behavior in October of 2016 and, based upon a 15 month gestation period, estimated April was due to have a calf somewhere between the middle and end of February 2017. When that time frame passed, it was determined that the due date could be 17 days or even 34 following. With the latter, it is possible that April could wait until April Fool’s Day and have her baby then. Jordan Patch spoke about the timeline for April’s due date in a video update. You may watch the live giraffe cam below as well as Animal Adventure Park’s video updates in the playlist.

Watch April the Giraffe Live Cam

April the Giraffe Timeline is Wrong

You can hear Jordan Patch discuss the timeline and April’s miscalculated due date in the video below. Fast forward to approximately 3:23. Here is a quoted portion transcribed from the video.

“Birth intervention, a lot of people are concerned, like ‘Oh, April’s taking too long, she’s a month past due, what are you going to do to intervene?’

“The timeline is obviously wrong a little bit at this point. And to elaborate on that, we observed the breeding behavior about mid-October. Now that does not mean that just because they bred they conceived. Just like any other animal and human, conception doesn’t occur each time. Thank God.

“So if anything, maybe we missed a cycle. Cycles are every 17 days. So maybe 17 days past what we thought will be the due date. Or if we missed that cycle it might be 34 days past that. What we have to base it on, what our vets base it on is physical conditions.”

The Animal Adventure Park holds several updates daily through a variety of mediums. First, there are morning and evening updates posted on Facebook that discuss April’s current condition and the calf’s activity, and they usually also include any relevant updates from Dr. Tim, the veterinarian who examines April daily. Viewers who watch the cam will notice when Dr. Tim steps into the stall and conducts an examination. It’s also common to see April’s handler, Allysa, spend many special moments bonding with April.

Here is a quote from the morning update for March 8, 2017. As you can see, April and the calf are progressing well, but there is nothing to indicate labor will begin imminently.

“3/8 Morning Update

“Good morning! The sun is shining and warm temperatures remain another day! The giraffes will enjoy yard time again today; IF they choose to go out.

“We do not know why last evenings update did not post, and also another email server has gone wacky – so we have talked to the Russian (tortoises) at the park – and they have ensured us – no interference with our platforms. No hack scandal here!

“April remains in great condition with no concerns from keepers or our vet team. Activity in the belly remains very visible to the eye – even through the web cam! Slow and steady – mother nature has everything timed right. Keepers will be in shortly and any change will warrant an update!”

April the Giraffe Kicks Vet

Those watching the live giraffe cam were in for a surprise when April displayed moody behavior. She seemed to have been a bit cranky, and during her examination, she kicked Dr. Tim. Fortunately, he wasn’t hurt and all was well. Dr. Tim continues to examine April daily and has given her a clean bill of health. Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a specific due date given.

April the Giraffe: Labor Signs and Due Date

Dr. Tim’s examinations an Animal Adventure Park updates are the primary way viewers will know when April’s labor begins. There will be physical changes in April’s body and possible behavior changes that may indicate labor is soon approaching. Other than those, there is very little that will give warning April’s calf’s birth is underway. The most notable physical changes will be the appearance of hooves. Once hooves are seen, the Facebook live stream will broadcast a second angle of the birth in addition to the live giraffe cam hosted on YouTube.

With millions watching since February and hoping to see the baby giraffe born live online, it would be the perfect April Fool’s Day prank for April to have her baby during the first day of the month. What do you think? Can you wait that long for April’s calf to be born?

[Featured Image by Afishka/Shutterstock]