Blac Chyna Dream Kardashian custody battle

Blac Chyna Wants Full Custody Of Dream Kardashian, Kris Jenner Fights For Rob

It’s about to be war between Blac Chyna and the Kardashians. Now that her effort to actually become one of them has failed along with her relationship with Rob Kardashian, Blac Chyna is fighting for full custody of their daughter, Dream. The problem is, Kris Jenner would never let that happen even if Rob is not a fit parent and has taken up for his son in the battle over custody of their baby.

If Blac Chyna thinks that Rob Kardashian is going to be as easy to take a baby from as he is to make one with, she has another thing coming. Rob might not be fit to fight against her, but Kris Jenner is, and she has made it clear that Chyna’s full custody request is not going to be granted if she has anything to say about it. Dream Kardashian’s grandma is taking up for Rob, and she also thinks it’s pretty funny that Blac Chyna even thinks she has a chance of getting her way this time around, according to Radar Online.

Saying bye to my beautiful baby girl ….. she is smiling at me. U see how she looking at her daddy ???????? I literally can't get enough of this girl,,, I never felt a love or happiness like this ever in my life and she makes me so happy ,,,about to miss her so much ???????? Love You baby Dream☁️

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“Kris thinks that the fact that Blac Chyna wants to go after full custody of Dream is just hilarious,” Radar claims an inside source told them. “She would obviously never allow that to happen. Kris’s lawyers are way too powerful!”

Kris Jenner has taken over Rob Kardashian’s visitation schedule with Dream. His visits with the 3-month-old cutie are still supervised by family due to his recent and ongoing physical and emotional issues. Kris has appointed herself the mediator of everything that has to do with Dream Kardashian and visits with her dad in order to avoid letting Blac Chyna cause a commotion or find a reason to push for full custody.


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Apparently, Kris is sick of the constant drama between Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian. The former awkward couple continues to argue and fight over how to raise their daughter and still have not agreed on a co-parenting plan.

Blac Chyna has made it clear that she isn’t comfortable leaving their baby girl alone with Rob. She claims that Rob Kardashian’s constant struggles could put Dream Kardashian in danger.

Kris Jenner reportedly wants Blac Chyna to give Rob Kardashian full custody of their daughter, Dream. In Touch reported that Kris Jenner has been trying to tap into Blac Chyna’s greed by offering up $5 million if she’ll just sign over full custody to Rob and walk away from their family.

Cousin love ????????????????????????

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According to the report, Blac Chyna has been partying hard lately and staying out every night. On top of that, Kris Jenner was already fed up with Chyna’s attempts to trademark the name Angela Renee Kardashian before she even married Rob, not to mention that she treats Rob really bad.

It’s safe to say that if Blac Chyna was able to trademark that name and start banking on the Kardashian name, she may have never actually married Rob. The rest of the Kardashian clan thinks she was just using him to get revenge on the family and to make a name and a whole lot of money for herself.

Stealing hearts mama ????

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Despite all of Rob Kardashian’s health struggles, both mental and physical, he really adores Dream Kardashian. If Blac Chyna were able to gain full custody and take visitation away from Rob, he would be devastated. Kris Jenner knows that, and she’s not going to let Chyna further destroy Rob, nor will she let her take her own grandchild away from the family. Kris Jenner is laughing because she knows she has the bankroll and the team of lawyers to stop pretty much anything Blac Chyna tries to do no matter how much money she has made while pretending she wants to be in a relationship with Rob Kardashian.

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