The Walking Dead 306 "Hounded"

‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 306: ‘Hounded’ Recap

In this week’s episode of The Walking Dead, “Hounded,” Merle and Michonne face off while Andrea is unable to resist the Governor’s charms. Caution: Spoilers.

Last week we learned two key things:

1. Running into a group of Walkers with a blade or an axe makes for excellent anger management exercises.

2. The Governor is hiding some crazy stuff. Not only is he keeping his Walker-Daughter as some kind of weird pet, he is also keeping Walkers in cages and using them for some sort of Zombie Wrestling Federation.

After Michonne left Andrea behind at Woodbury and set off on her own, it doesn’t look like the Governor is going to let her get away so easily. But Michonne’s not going down without a fight. How many of his men is the Governor willing to risk in order to take her down?

We got more insight tonight into who is on the other line with Rick at the prison. Last week after his Walker-killing spree led him to the machine room where Lori died, a phone suddenly started ringing.

A young woman is on the other line. She assures Rick she is with a group in a safe location but won’t tell him anything more. He begs to be included and she tells him she will talk it over with the group and get back to him. But is she really a survivor? Or is this all in Rick’s head?

The Walking Dead Episode 306 "Hounded"