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Hamas Proud To Use Human Shields In Gaza [Video]


A major issue in the latest war between Israel and Hamas in the Gaza Strip is Hamas’s use of human shields in order to protect their rocket arsenal and to maximise civilian casualties to be used in the war against Israel. Hamas regularly puts rocket factories and launching installations in schools, mosques and hospitals. In the video below, a head of Hamas even boasts about using Human Shields in the war and the “culture of death” the Palestinians promote.

The world media is usually quick to promote the idea that Israel regularly ignores the laws of war and targets areas known to house major amounts of civilians. Recently on the news program The World, a BBC journalist, Paul Danahar seems to justify the use of Palestinian population centers as launching points for rockets on the November 15 edition.

On The World, Danahar asserted that it was virtually impossible for Hamas to avoid residential areas when firing into Israeli towns:

Schachter: Now Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu says Israel is doing everything in its power to avoid civilian casualties, but he says Hamas is firing from residential areas. Is that happening?

Danahar: Well, where my bureau is, there are residential accommodation around, and there are rockets going off — I think the thing about Gaza, to be honest with you is, it’s an incredibly small place and there’s a lot of people in it. So pretty much everywhere in Gaza is a residential area unless you’re going right up to the kind of “no man’s land” area between Israel and where Gaza kind of properly starts. So there certainly are things being fired off from residential areas but it’s almost, probably, impossible to get entirely away from a residential area if you want to fire something off.

Danahar then says the issue in this conflict has nothing to do with the Hamas rocket attacks but everything to do with the accuracy of the Israeli response.

This is similar to a day earlier when another BBC reporter, Wyre Davies, claimed that “almost all” of the fatalities in the fighting were civilians. Even Hamas admits that almost all the dead have been their fighters.

Gaza Population Map

Looking at the map above, it is obvious that all of Gaza is not a population center, but the terrorists like to use civilian areas to limit the Israeli response.

Watch a video here of Hamas leaders bragging about their use of Human Shields.

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9 Responses to “Hamas Proud To Use Human Shields In Gaza [Video]”

  1. M Saleh Sohail Mamoon

    This is one of the most biased articles I have ever read. The Gazans are not terrorists, How dare you call a people whose lands have been illegally occupied, then imprisoned, and cut off from the rest of the world, denied their basic needs of electricity, water, and gas as terrorists. If Some country, did that to America, and to the American people, would you call the Americans terrorists for retaliating?

    Absolute absurdity!

  2. Anonymous

    Biased? Possibly but true none the less. Put asside the fact that the only reason Palestine did not become a State in 1948 is because its leaders rejected the grant of statehood and put asside the history of attacks against Israelis and non Israeli Jews by the leaders of the Palestinians.

    America never declared that it would kill all Canadians (compare Hamas' charter) and take all of Canadian soil. America never declared it would never make peace with Canada. America never invoked a policy of trying to kill Canadians by promoting and rewarding suicide / murderer bombers and launching hundreds of rockets at Canada and its civilian population centres. America has not been launching hundreds of rockets in recent months at America.

    Why not? Because America does not believe its predominate religion requires it to kill people of another religion. Because Americans overwhelmingly value life over death. Because America does not embrace dogma ahead of people. Because America believes that human understanding, knowledge and spirituality can progress and is not bound by a divisive and ill-fated interpretation of scriptures written thousands of years ago which is unpoular even among adherents of those very scriptures.

    If America did that then the majority of nations would say 'stop bringing misfortune and suffering to your neigbours and especially your own people' which is what the majority of the world is saying to Hamas the government of Gaza.

    It is all the more wretched of Hamas to its own citizens it is bound to protect because Hama is continuing to attack a nation militarily stronger than its own military.

    How can Israel make peace with a government who's basic constitution / charter assserts that its primary goal is to kill all Jews and take over all of Israel and that peace will never be made with Israel? How do you make peace with someone who says they will never rest trying to kill you no matter what you do? There is only one option open to a nation / person confronted with that dire situation; weaken or eliminate those threatening to kill you while being as humane as possible to avoid harm to those who are not trying to kill you. That is the policy of the Israeli army however there are some tradgic and horrible consequences such as friendly fire to Israelis and unintended harm to civilian Palestinians.

    The harm to Palestinians and Israelis from the conflict is tradgic and overwhelming and the suffering of any human being is equally deplorable, repugnant and unjustifiable. If you have any suggestions how to get Hamas to seek peaceful co-existence with Israel instead of anhialation of Israel and its millions of men, women & children and the millions of other jews world-wide, I'm sure your help will be welcomed by the vast majority of those suffering from the ongoing conflict that has perverted the fabric of life for the people living in Israel, Gaza and the West Bank for an agonisingly long time.

  3. Anwar El Yafi

    Dear dumba$$ reporter… what they are saying is that they will protect their homes and families with their lives! Does that make them terrorists? If I were your boss, I wouldn't hire you to report on a documentary about the mating habits of monkeys!

  4. Anonymous

    The homes and families of Gaza would be better served / advanced by good relations with Israel than by attacking ther neighbour with rockets. It doesn't seem to be about protecting their homes and families but rather protecting the tenants of extremism & absolutism that puts dogma ahead of the interests of families.

    Let me guess your not really a maker of nature documentaries any more than Hamas seeks peace with Israel.

  5. M Saleh Sohail Mamoon

    @smallworld722. Your response to my post shows nothing but, hmm what’s the word I’m looking for…. ‘Daftness!’ Let’s breakdown your reply into smaller chunks and analyze it.

    The first bit of foolishness can be found in your very first paragraph; I quote: //Put asside the fact that the only reason Palestine did not become a State in 1948 is because its leaders rejected the grant of statehood//. So according to you, the Palestinians should have welcomed the Zionist Israeli invaders onto their land, and accepted the illegal occupiers bid to claim it as their rightful state and owners of the land, and then there wouldn’t have been a problem. So in your opinion it is the Palestinians fault that they didn’t just vacate their homes, their lands, and accept the tyrannical Zionist regime as their Lords and Governors.

    Continuing, your very next comment, in the same sentence: //and put asside the history of attacks against Israelis and non Israeli Jews by the leaders of the Palestinians.//. When an invader attacks a land on which you live, only a complete idiot would side with the invader and claim that the defendants are wrong. Don’t you agree?

    The rest of your article does not address my post, instead of replying to my comment, you went completely loopy in your own chain of thoughts. I said that the Palestinian lands have been illegally occupied, then they are imprisoned, and cut off from the rest of the world, denied their basic needs of electricity, water, and you have the nerve to call them terrorists. If some country, did that to America, and to the American people, would you call the Americans terrorists for retaliating???

    Obviously your comprehension skills are just as lame as your spellings (even though we have spell-checks on every computer).

    Coming back to America, no they haven’t attacked their neighbors; Canada. However they did exactly the same thing the Israeli’s are doing, building their country on the blood, lives, and graves of the indigenous people who lived there. They did to the Indians of America, what Israel is doing to the Palestinians of Palestine.

    Let’s forget for a moment whose side you’re on for a moment, and put yourself in the Palestinians’ shoes. If someone, came to your house, and pushed you and your family on the streets, killed a couple of your family members to scare you off, and told you that you are a ‘Terrorist’, for throwing a stone at your own house in retaliation, how would you feel?

    Learn to be a human!

  6. Abdulaziz Khattak Abu Fatima

    It's simple, Israel won't change its stance and keep dreaming of a Greater Israel; Hamas won't change its stance and will continue to fight against the oppressor; and we will not change our stance and continue to support the oppressed. Period!

  7. Mira Brown

    Mohammed Saleh no matter what agenda the Palestinians have against Israel, nothing and I mean NOTHING justifies the slaughter, violence and aggression that has been inflicted on a group of people as the Jews in Israel. Such tactics may have served armies hundreds of years ago but such scare mongering does not work in these modern times and it is time to stop and come to some consensus.