Kylie-Jenner bares her derriere for her Instagram fans

Kylie Jenner Posts Another Instagram Snap Flaunting Her Derriere

Kylie Jenner is at it again with her racy Instagram posts and she flaunts her voluminous derriere this time with a very cheeky display.

Kylie’s latest post features her pulling down her denim pants halfway down her butt cheeks to show off her sizable bum. She posted the racy snap on Thursday, giving her Instagram fans quite an eyeful. The 19-year-old seems to be on a mission to dethrone her sister Kim Kardashian and become the new queen of booty.

Kylie Gives Kim some serious competition

Kylie may have learned a lot from her big sister Kim but she is certainly proving to be a threat when it comes to the battle of the booties. The two sisters have become quite popular for their incredible curves but ever since the Paris robbery, Kim has been posting less revealing photos of herself on social media. While big sis has been treading lightly, the 19-year-old has been doing her best to post controversial and revealing snaps of herself, especially on Instagram.

Is Kylie taking Kim’s place?

If one thing is clear about Kylie, it is that she is quite determined to make a name for herself. She is certainly not Kim but she has learned a lot from her big sister. The young entrepreneur has been using social media to market her products and things are working quite well for her. She runs an online retail business and also owns a makeup kit business. The 19-year-old takes advantage of her fame to advertise products on the social platform.

Kylie-Jenner bares her derriere for her Instagram fans
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The young member of the Jenner-Kardashian clan sells a wide array of products including lingerie, sweaters among others. She usually does her own marketing by posting photos of herself wearing some of the products. It is often not easy for the star because she receives a lot of backlash for posting photos while clad in skimpy outfits. However, most people usually do not understand why she posts them.

It turns out that the new Instagram post in which Kylie shows off her butt cheeks to the world is also part of her marketing strategy. The snap features the reality star rocking long blonde hair, a red bra and the pair of denim pants barely covering her derriere with no underwear underneath. She also posted another snap of herself wearing a t-shirt with the cheeky photo printed on it. The t-shirts are already available for sale on Kylie’s retail website.

“The Exclusive Cheeks Tee Available Tomorrow Only At 9am pst,” Kylie captioned the snap on Instagram.

Kylie’s peachy derriere and also her breasts have been the subject of constant criticism with claims that they are the result of cosmetic surgery. There have been rumors that she recently got a boob job after she appeared braless in a snap in which she was clad in a white jumpsuit with her breasts looking bigger. The outfit allowed the 19-year-old to flaunt her ample cleavage, leading to speculation that she had gone under the knife.

Kylie-Jenner bares her derriere for her Instagram fans
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“@KylieJenner are you sure you didn’t get a boob job?!?!” one fan inquired after the reality star posted the snap earlier this year.

There were also claims that Kylie underwent cheek or jaw surgery earlier last year though she dismissed them as false. Though she has not admitted to having gone under the knife to acquire her tantalizing curves, the young star has definitely proven to be giving her big sister a run for her money. The young star has been doing so well in terms of business and she does not intend to stop. It looks like Kylie’s new derriere pic is a warning for Kim to move over for the new queen of peachy bums.

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