WWE news Goldbergs crazy diet revealed before Fastlane

WWE News: Goldberg’s Crazy Diet Revealed Ahead Of ‘Fastlane’ 2017 PPV Match

With WWE Fastlane 2017 just days away, Bill Goldberg’s monstrous diet is making headlines ahead of his wrestling match versus Kevin Owens. The former WCW and WWE champion doesn’t just train hard, but also eats hard, especially for someone who is half-a-century old. The professional wrestler’s daily food intake was recently profiled by one website, which shows just how much eating is required for the man known as “Goldberg” to maintain his size for the upcoming pay-per-view appearance.

According to GQ, the 50-year-old Bill Goldberg is making sure he keeps his diet right with his macros at the proper levels as he continues to train en route to his Fastlane and WrestleMania matches. At the PPV on Sunday, he takes on Kevin Owens for the WWE Universal Championship and if he wins, he’ll become just the third superstar to hold that particular belt. He’s doing the usual training routine, which includes weights and Muay Thai martial arts. He’s also had to modify his diet over the years.

WWE star Goldberg has impressive physique
After a 12-year hiatus from WWE, Goldberg’s insane diet has helped him with his physique and energy. [Image by WWE]

In order to have the energy to train and also maintain his impressive physique, Goldberg packs in lots of protein, carbohydrates, and the right fats to go with them. So to start off the day, Goldberg doesn’t just have a simple protein shake like some might. Instead, he’s on the record as saying he’ll have a whopping six servings of oatmeal along with blueberries, and honey. He’ll train after that and follow the training session by having 12 eggs with two yolks, six pieces of bacon, four pieces of “gluten-free” toast with avocado, and then a shake.

Most people would consume those first few meals over the course of a week. For Goldberg, those are just the first two meals as the rest of the day consists of a lot more food, as detailed by Maxim in their report.

So why the extreme focus on his diet? Goldberg told GQ the very simple reasons for having to eat the way he does.

“When you’re 50 years old and you’re putting your underwear on in front of millions of people and you used to be me — let’s just say that I’ve cleaned up my diet quite a bit. I didn’t use to be as strict with my fat intake. I mean, I didn’t even know what ‘Gluten-free’ was then. I ate everything that I saw back then. And it didn’t matter because I was younger and my metabolism was even faster. I’ve always been blessed with a very fast metabolism. Which, again, is a blessing and a curse when you’re trying to gain weight and get into cardio shape.”

Goldberg’s return has certainly been one that many fans have both praised and hated. The supporters tend to be in awe of how he’s looked after being out of ring action for over a decade. The haters wish that WWE would stop bringing in “part-timer” legend types to ruin the potential push of younger talents. Still, it makes perfect sense for WWE to utilize the bigger longtime stars as they look to build toward the future, as bringing in money and gaining fan interest in the pay-per-views is crucial too.

WWE star Roman Reigns eats a lot too
WWE star Roman Reigns eats a lot too to keep his impressive size and power going in the ring. [Image by WWE]

One of the newer stars, who also sports an impressive physique in the style of an ancient gladiator, is Roman Reigns. As USA Today’s For the Win pointed out, Reigns also chows down quite a bit of food on a daily basis, admitting he likes to “eat like a caveman.” Ironically, there had been rumors for some time that Reigns might meet up with the longtime star in a match at WrestleMania, but it seems that won’t be on the card. However, it goes to show how dedicated professional wrestlers are to their craft, which involves their bodies.

In the case of Goldberg, he’s certainly put in some serious work when it comes to looking the part again. At age 50, he’s shown several times now just how quickly he can take care of business against Brock Lesnar. Fans are expecting that maybe the third time they meet in the ring, at April’s WrestleMania 33, that the match will go just a bit longer than a few minutes. If so, it seems Bill Goldberg will be prepared in terms of his energy levels, thanks to all that food being consumed each day.

As for this Sunday, the latest WWE Fastlane rumors seem to indicate that Goldberg will be walking out with that championship belt around his well-fed and chiseled waist.

[Featured Image by WWE]