Pregnant Beyonce's New Instagram Video Gets 5.9M Views: Baby Bump, Due Date Buzz

Pregnant Beyonce’s New Instagram Video Gets 5.9M Views: Baby Bump, Due Date Buzz

Beyonce’s Instagram account has a new video, posted on March 1 at 4:11 p.m. ET, that shows the pregnant singer’s growing baby bump as she prepared to go out to an Oscars party with her husband, Jay Z. That video has swelled — just like Beyonce’s baby bump and swelling “pregnancy lips” giving the superstar an even sexier pout — to enjoy more than 5.9 million views on Instagram alone and counting upward.

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For her viral video’s music, Beyonce didn’t appear to use one of her own hits but seemed to borrow the song “Slide” by Calvin Harris, featuring Frank Ocean and Migos, for the background audio.

According to the Mirror, Beyonce took to Instagram to continue to share her pregnancy journey with her fans and Instagram followers. With 96 million followers on Instagram, it’s no wonder that the video Beyonce shared of her growing baby bump went viral pretty quickly. In one of the photos in the video montage, Beyonce wears an aqua green or turquoise dress with a scoop boat neck neckline that is fitted enough to show off Beyonce’s very pregnant figure.

Beyonce also shared photos on, with one of the photos displaying the singer taking off her makeup. Meanwhile, other photos show Beyonce and Jay Z headed out on the town. Several close-up photos of Beyonce’s jewelry are also displayed in the Instagram video.

Beyonce’s Instagram account displayed the newly uploaded Instagram video in the wake of recent news that proclaimed Lady Gaga would fill Beyonce’s shoes in the 2017 Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival. As reported by the Mirror, Beyonce’s decision to drop out of her headlining performance was at the advice of her doctors, who advised the pregnant star to slow down her schedule over the forthcoming months as her baby bump grows and the impending birth of her twins arrives.

As far as Beyonce’s due date for the expected birth of the twins, that hasn’t been announced as of this writing. Beyonce’s fans are left to guesstimate how many weeks into her pregnancy with twins the superstar might be at this point in time. However, Beyonce and Jay Z should learn if they are having twin boys, twin girls, or a twin boy and a twin girl in less than two weeks, according to Page Six.

The gender of babies can generally be determined between 16 and 20 weeks in utero, which means that if Beyonce is 14 to 18 weeks pregnant now, her due date could fall around July 15 as the day Beyonce welcomes her new babies into the world. If Beyonce has undergone IVF, she might already know the genders of her twins.

Beyonce’s fans have already been trying to confirm clues that Beyonce might be pregnant with a girl and a boy by dissecting Jay Z’s lyrical desires to have a boy and a girl to recent comments made by Beyonce’s father about Blue Ivy having brothers and sisters.

The reaction to Beyonce’s new photo montage with her pregnant belly has Beyonce’s fans buzzing. Some of the comments Beyonce has received on Instagram can be read below.

isabel_curtid: “I don’t get it @beyonce how come you’re pregnant and look like a godess but im fat af and look like a burnt potato.”

patycastronieveen: “Pregnancy goals lol!”

daniela_0801_: “Queen Bey found her passion in making photo diashows. Love her.”

erykagoodatit: “So beautiful… while sitting here in my 7th month pregnancy ~nervous as ever~just looking at you give me so much ambition and courage. Honey let me tell you I LOVE Y’all together. #bless

ritigold: “Congrats baby girl wish you safe delivery.”

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