'Skin Tight' Pictures: See What Julie And Andrew Look Like After Big Weight-Loss

‘Skin Tight’ Pictures: See What Julie And Andrew Look Like After Big Weight Loss

Skin Tight opened its second season with the stories of Julie and Andrew, prompting fans of the show to take to the internet to see if there were pictures of the pair after their weight-loss and skin-tightening journeys.

Premiering after the popular My 600-LB Life, the show Skin Tight shows what happens to people when they reach the other side of their weight-loss. The March 1 episode of Skin Tight showed Andrew, a 31-year-old who lost close to 300 pounds after reaching a high of 500 pounds. As the Times-News noted, Andrew’s weight ballooned out of control but he ended up getting it under control the old-fashioned way — through diet and exercise.

“Andrew gained weight after the birth of his daughter and the end of a damaging romantic relationship,” the report noted.

“With diet and exercise, he was able to lose a lot of weight, but was left with a large amount of excess skin. While Andrew dreams of competing in a natural bodybuilding competition, he really wants to look and feel normal around his family.”

Julie’s weight loss came through gastric bypass surgery, which allowed her to drop from a high of over 300 pounds all the way to a healthy and fit 153 pounds — though it came at the expense of much loose skin that has made her love life difficult.

As Monsters and Critics noted, Julie turned to a person very familiar with viewers of My 600-LB Life — one of the nation’s top weight-loss doctors.

“Despite her husband’s reassurance that he adores her and the achievement of losing over 150-lb, Julie feels unlovable, undesirable and cannot rest easy inside her own body,” the report noted.

“Julie is still ashamed and has turned to My 600-Lb Life star Dr. Younan Nowzaradan and other top doctors from across the country for the final step to try and get a normal shape back.”

Skin Tight shared some pictures of Julie’s life after her weight-loss, including her sagging stomach and loose skin hanging from her arms.

Other pictures from the Season 2 premiere of Skin Tight showed an even more dramatic change in Andrew, the once morbidly obese man who is now a body builder. But despite bringing himself back from the edge of an early death to become a fitness buff, Andrew too struggle with loose skin and looked to find a way to regain a normal look again.

As Yahoo noted, Andrew’s only hope would come through plastic surgery to tighten up his skin once again.

“After the birth of his daughter and the end of a damaging romantic relationship, Andrew found himself at a crossroads and decided he needed to make a change,” the report noted.

“He’s commendably made the change, but with dreams of entering a natural body-building competition, the 31-year-old needs a plastic surgeon to slice away all the hanging skin.”

During the episode and after, many Skin Tight viewers were sent searching for pictures of Andrew and Julie to see what the pair looked like after their weight-loss and skin-tightening procedures. Like with its scenes on My 600-LB Life, the producers of Skin Tight aren’t too keen on sharing photos of the progress before the episode airs, but viewers can check out the progress through videos on the show’s page and updates on the network’s Twitter page.

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