Lori has to be dead

TWD: Lori Grimes Is Dead, And It’s Stupid To Think Otherwise [Op-Ed]

COMMENTARY | A lot of Walking Dead fans just cannot cope with the death of Lori Grimes.

Occurring so soon in the fourth episode of season 3, the aptly-titled “Killer Within,” Lori’s death was considered a shocking interruption to an otherwise engaging emotional storyline. Critics praised the bold move, but many on the internet have come up with “persuasive” theories suggesting that Lori could still be alive. If you are one of those who thinks that this could be the case, I urge you to stop and accept that Lori is dead.

Furthermore, if the show proves me wrong and Lori did in fact survive, you should realize what a bad thing that would be for the show. I will defend this statement to my dying day: There is no way that The Walking Dead‘s writers can pull off Lori’s magical survival without completely jumping the shark.

I argued in a previous post that The Walking Dead is declining in quality, and that the writers are beginning to use character deaths for cheap shock value and reaction at the expense of meaning and “deep, human emotion” that the show was previously known for.

I’ll argue the opposite in this post, mainly because while I disagree with the way the show’s writers kill off their characters, I believe that what is dead must stay dead, and “cleverly” killing off Lori only to reveal that she somehow pulled through not only cheats and manipulates our emotions, it suggests to us that the creative minds of The Walking Dead regard their audience as deeply stupid.

I hope to God that this is not the case.

Backing up: Various polls, forums, and blogs suggest that Lori Grimes may have survived her medieval C-section and coup de gras head-shot provided by son, Carl. Presenting various “facts” regarding the handling of Lori’s death, many have crafted decent cases for her survival. FACT: Lori’s death occurred off-screen. FACT: Rick didn’t discover her body nor her bones in episode five. FACT: Rick found a bullet, but where was the blood? FACT: There’s no way all that Lori could fit into that zombie’s tummy. FACT: Three graves were dug, and only one body is actually buried.

The theory: Carol, who was saved by T-Dog from hungry zombies at the expense of his own life somehow discovered Lori, passed out, after Carl failed to kill her. See, he couldn’t take shooting his mom, so he either spared her, or didn’t really look when he pulled the trigger and missed her all together. Carol, having trained herself to perform a C-Section on a gross dead zombie body, absconded with Lori to the infirmary, patched her up, and nursed her back to life.