Halle Berry's Curly #Oscar Haircut Is A No. 7 Twitter Trending Topic [Photos]

Halle Berry’s Curly Oscars Haircut Is A No. 7 Twitter Trending Topic [Photos]

There is one simple name trending in the seventh position on Twitter at the moment: Halle. That’s because Halle Berry showed up at the Oscars on Sunday with her hair looking a lot different than Berry is usually seen. Much of the feedback on Twitter makes the assumption that Halle was wearing a curly wig, however, Berry’s hairstylist Castillo explained that Halle had five inches cut off of her hair to style it into a new shape.

According to InStyle, Castillo called Halle’s hairstyle an Afro that was both curly and powerful and not balanced into a perfect sphere.

“It’s definitely a new look for her—we went for a very natural, curly, powerful asymmetrical ‘fro. This is something she’e never done before and it’s just ridiculous how good she looks. As much as it’s unlike anything she’s ever worn—because we all know her short pixie or long wavy hair—it just brought this glow and happiness to her. I was like, I love this hair on you. I deconstructed it in a way that was whimsical and organic, but also balanced the graphic nature of the dress.”

Surprisingly, Halle’s hairstyle took practice to create, with Castillo explaining that Berry underwent several test-runs of the hairstyle prior to the night of the Oscars. For nearly two weeks prior to the Academy Awards, Berry and her hairstylist practiced creating the look of huge curls that were played up by Halle’s natural hair texture. Next, Castillo used his hair products to create additional movement and lift.

However, judging from the feedback flowing into social media about Halle’s hairstyle, a large majority of people aren’t fans of Berry’s new look. Folks are pulling out some pretty brutal criticisms of Halle’s hair, with some comparing Berry’s mane to a bird’s nest. Others are claiming that Halle should get a new hairstylist.

People may have dubbed Halle’s look as “fierce,” as seen in the following tweet, but others on social media aren’t being as kind. Some folks on Twitter joked that whatever audience member sat behind Halle might deserve a moment of silence, since Berry’s hair was likely so high that the person would have a hard time seeing around the gigantic Afro on Halle’s head.

Certain responses about Halle’s hairstyle are from people who don’t believe it is actually all of Berry’s real hair. Instead, they are claiming that Halle is wearing a curly wig or hair weave or some type of hair extensions to give her the fullness of her hairstyle. The memes showing up online feature folks who have put Halle’s hair in side-by-side photos next to other crazy hairstyles, such as ones sported by NeNe Leakes or Aunt Esther from Sanford and Son.

Other people posted photos of fictional characters or stock photos, like a woman with snakes on her head, to represent their feelings about Halle’s hair. Opponents criticized those who critiqued Halle’s hairstyle harshly.

At least Berry’s time prior to the Oscars was reportedly filled with food and great vibes as Halle enjoyed Bruno Mars’ music.

“I mean, all I can say is Bruno Mars—she loves the album and we’ve been listening to it nonstop all week. It’s always such a cool, mellow vibe with her, almost like getting ready with family. I’m a big eater, especially when I work, and there was definitely fried chicken and dumplings we were all eating.”

As seen in the top photo above, Halle arrived at the Oscars on Sunday, February 26, with her bold new hairstyle showing up pretty boldly in the crowd of people surrounding her at the Dolby Theatre in Los Angeles.

[Featured Image by Al Powers/Invision/AP Images]