'Fifty Shades' Star Dakota Johnson Reportedly Dating Jamie Dornan

Dakota Johnson Dating Jamie Dornan? ‘Fifty Shades’ Actor Reacts

Is Dakota Johnson dating Jamie Dornan? Rumors saying that the chemistry of the Fifty Shades onscreen couple has spread online, meriting a strong reaction from the actor after it dragged his marriage into the issue.

The rumor mill about Dakota Johnson’s relationship with her co-star who plays the sex-obsessed billionaire Christian Grey continues to churn after Fifty Shades Darker, the second installment of the franchise has been released in theaters.

In fact, according to speculations cited by the Korea Portal, Dakota and Jamie might be on their way to pursuing a relationship with each other after ending their current ones.

According to most recent Dakota Johnson dating rumors, Jamie is planning to end it with his wife, Amelia Warner to be free to make his chemistry with his FSOG co-star for real.

It even went as far as relating Dakota Johnson’s break up with Matthew Hitt which has been rumored to be because of Mr. Dornan.

But as things like these go, rumors about Dakota Johnson dating Jamie Dornan are far from the truth. In fact, the 34-year-old actor expressed his thoughts about the “disgusting” rumors that put him in a love triangle with his wife and co-star.

Speaking to Telegraph UK,Jamie denied that he intends to leave his wife anytime soon. He even revealed that Warner had always supported him fully in his every venture though she opted not to watch any of the Fifty Shades films

“The more public interest there is in you, the more horrible people become. People start to say disgusting things about your family, about your children.”

Of course, this does not mean that Dakota does not have a special place in Jamie’s heart. According to a report from the Belfast Telegraph, while rumors about Dakota Johnson dating him are not true, Jamie admitted that he will always have a special “bond” with his 27-year-old co-star.

“We’ve been through a very unique situation that probably neither of us will ever go through again, one that pushed us together. It forged a bond between us that will always be there.”

He further explained to Britain’s Heat magazine that working with Dakota in the third and final installment of the trilogy Fifty Shades Freed has given them the opportunity to become best friends.

“But working on this and Fifty Shades Freed (the third instalment) we had gotten to know each other so well. We’d become best friends, and knew what to expect of each other, especially when shooting scenes of very close intimacy.”

And while he revealed his relief that the filming of the franchise is finally over, he still feels sad that he will no longer be meeting with the cast and crew whom he has gotten close to, calling the conclusion of the project “bittersweet.”

“We were all sad to be done, so getting to do the red carpet and hand out with the crew and cast, and with Dakota – who’s become a good friend to me throughout all of this – that’s the icing right there. It’s sad to finish, but it’s good to look ahead.”

Meanwhile, Dakota Johnson’s dating status remains unclear as Jamie Dornan is the only person she has been linked to since her breakup with Matthew Hitt.

As for the Fifty Shades Darker onscreen couple, they were reportedly put under “strict” rules while they go on tour to promote the film. According to Independent UK, Jamie and Dakota are “forbidden from any kinky talk.” Apparently, the onscreen couple is told to push towards the romantic side of the movie instead.

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