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Hostess Announces Closure, Intends To Liquidate Assets

Hostess Out Of Business

Hostess has officially announced that it will close its doors and liquidate its assets, according to ABC News.

Since only a few striking workers returned to their jobs before the Thursday deadline set by the company, Hostess claims it has no choice but close up shop and sell off its assets to interested parties.

Not surprisingly, CEO Gregory F. Rayburn is unhappy about the situation.

“We deeply regret the necessity of today’s decision, but we do not have the financial resources to weather an extended nationwide strike,” Rayburn said. “Hostess Brands will move promptly to lay off most of its 18,500-member workforce and focus on selling its assets to the highest bidders.”

The company has reportedly asked the court for permission to close for business and sell off its assets including its brands and treat-making facilities. All Bakery operations have been suspended for the time being. Any shipments that are currently in transit will be immediately returned to the supplier.

According to the Chicago Tribune, Hostess will be forced to lay off roughly 18,500 employees as a result of the liquidation. Rayburn stopped short of pointing the finger directly at the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union for the situation.

“[Hostess] has done everything in its power to pursue a reorganization of its business as a going concern, including spending the better part of 18 months negotiating with its key constituents to obtain a consensual agreement,” the company explained in a statement.

“There’s no way to soften the fact that this will hurt every Hostess Brands employee. All Hostess Brands employees will eventually lose their jobs – some sooner than others,” Rayburn said in a letter to his employees.

When everything is said and done, Hostess will close 33 bakeries, 565 distribution centers, and 570 bakery outlet stores. Approximate 5,500 delivery routes will be shut down as well.

Are you saddened that Hostess has announced it will close its doors and liquidate its assets? Do you think this is the end of the Twinkie?

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105 Responses to “Hostess Announces Closure, Intends To Liquidate Assets”

  1. Sherry DePue

    moron union members 18,500 more ready for OOOOOOOOOOOBAMA HAND OUTS.

  2. Chris Call Langworthy

    NOOOOOOO This sucks. Hostess has been a part of my life since I was little and it sucks to see this happen. Not only do we lose a good product but so many people are going to lose there job. wth just what we need.

  3. Missy Wilson

    WOW! Idiots! In this day and age good Jobs are almost impossible to get and these RETARDS just threw theirs and many more in the futures in the trash can. I get a good laugh at knowing they are regretting it now. Good for Hostess for shutting them down.

  4. Elizabeth Moye

    Wonder what all those people that are going to be out of a job think about their union, it's just plain STUPID! And some people should put the blame where it belongs, I see remarks about Obama, like him or not he has nothing to do with this mess.

  5. Toni Shelton

    I'm sure you feel sooo much better now that you have shown you are superior by calling them names, huh? People need to grow the hell up. If you can't have an intelligent conversation about a topic then you shouldn't participate. This company has filed for bankruptcy twice in the last 10 yrs, so they were having problems anyway. But yeah, lets blame the workers…….

  6. Annie McDonnell Hopkins

    Wow, I grew up with Hostess and still buy them occasionally for my family. Very sad for all those employees. Not sure what to think about the union, seems it did them a diservice.

  7. Missy Wilson

    The employees are demanding more than the company can offer JERK OFF thats why it is closing

  8. Missy Wilson

    The employees are demanding more than the company can offer JERK OFF thats why it is closing

  9. Toni Shelton

    Of course. Cause that's what THIS story told you. You can't be bothered to look further huh? People like you are so entertaining. Proving with each comment what kind of person you are and thus proving that you are not worth my time. Have a nice day, Missy. I hope you get help for your obvious anger issue.

  10. Josette Sampson

    I hope an organic, whole foods company buys them out and they start making all natural flax twinkies with coconut milk cream filling! HAHAHA! Who would still eat that poison now anyway?

  11. Missy Wilson

    HAHAHAHAHA who is angry? YOU ARE…. Not me. You are the one who waisted your precious time replying to my post. You have a nice day hahahahahahahahahaha

  12. Kymm Ward-fendrock





  13. Frank Wells

    see why UNIONS suck they have to close because of those bastards have to make 38.00 an hr , hope those pricks end up losing their houses, because they would'nt take a pay decrease, some money per hr is better than no money per hr, glad hostess said enough is enough fuck those UNION pricks !!!!!!!!

  14. Debra Brooks

    The Unions became as powerful and corrupt as the organizations they were trying to guard against. Still misuse of power- just shifted hands.

  15. Rhonda F Black

    They changed thier recipe years ago. Thier products don't taste the same or good anymore anyway. Now if we can see a lot more companies that produce GMO foods close!

  16. Helen B Parsons

    So Sad! I grew up with a distribution center, and bakery outlet store. on my block. drivers and store workers were the best. to see a Company in business for more then 60 years go out. my heart goes to all the workers. not just to us the customers who will lose our favorites. a lot of fond memories with living by Hostess.

  17. Joel Peskoff

    Don't blame the unions. Management hasn't changed Hostess since before I was a child. Wonder Bread is about the worst bread on the market — made mostly of air.

    The CEO tripled his salary to $2.5M per year right before going bankrupt.

    Let's face it, the unions didn't create $1 billion in debt on $2 billion in sales.

  18. Becca Fuller-Griepentrog

    Missy, you have no need to be so acerbic. Hostess could have tried a little harder – if the company really wanted to keep the business alive. I'm going to quote Joel Peskoff below me, because, honestly, at least he makes a point that actually has some sense behind it, and he is not just spitting venom for the sake of being boorish.

    Joel said: Don't blame the unions. Management hasn't changed Hostess since before I was a child. Wonder Bread is about the worst bread on the market — made mostly of air. They never innovated and didn't meet the competition.

    The CEO tripled his salary to $2.5M per year right before going bankrupt.

    Let's face it, the unions didn't create $1 billion in debt on $2 billion in sales.

    And I agree entirely.

  19. Missy Wilson

    for the sake of boorish? do you have any idea how hard it is to find a job? YES IT PISSES ME OFF THAT THEY THREW ONE AWAY LIKE THAT… When you know the company is already in trouble, the last thing you should do is strike. They pretty much asked to get laid off… I am pissed because i am unemployed and been looking for months for a job. So I really could care less about your views or what you have to say. I don't feel sorry for people who did this to themselves

  20. Missy Wilson

    Thats what is wrong with this country People like you making excuses for stupidity. Was the company in trouble? YES IT WAS, so what did they expect was going to happen when they started striking???????????????

  21. Daryl Altman

    Please spare me. Hostess was taken over by a private equity firm that buys companies, runs up debt so that their investors make big money, and then sells off pieces of the company, while blaming unions. I suggest you re-watch "Wall Street."

  22. William Sastard

    The company is ran by people, who although slightly less retarded than you, are still terminally stupid and have mismanaged their company and are looking to pass the blame to people who stand up for themselves. You deserve to be a slave when the GOP conquer the country.

  23. Kelly Hearn

    I am a union member. Work my ass off for what I get paid and work 100 hours a week. People, it's not the union member's fault. It's the political machine that screws everyone of us up.

  24. William Sastard

    Yeah, unions should disappear so workers have no voice and can be screwed over without hassle…. are you really this retarded???? how about this: perhaps the union should have went on strike sooner; like when it first became apparent that hostess was ran by retards who had to keep filing for bankruptcy but still wanted to pay themselves millions of dollars and instead tried to make up some of the red running by taking away from their employee's pay and benefits…. but yeah lets be megacorporate sized stupid and blame the people standing up for themselves… you fucking moron! GTFO of america because obviously you have absolutely no idea what it means to be american. you make the rest of us look bad and it's time for you and your moronic faux news allies to kick rocks. get to stepping jerkoffs.

  25. William Sastard

    To quote Daryl and Joel who have remarked further down the page

    "Hostess was taken over by a private equity firm that buys companies, runs up debt so that their investors make big money, and then sells off pieces of the company, while blaming unions. I suggest you re-watch "Wall Street."

    "Don't blame the unions. Management hasn't changed Hostess since before I was a child. Wonder Bread is about the worst bread on the market — made mostly of air. They never innovated and didn't meet the competition.

    The CEO tripled his salary to $2.5M per year right before going bankrupt.

    Let's face it, the unions didn't create $1 billion in debt on $2 billion in sales."

  26. Jean Keller

    Kelly Hearn why did you join the mob union anyway? They can't give you anything the business does not want to supply. I have worked for 50 years without a pension and I saved the money for my retirement my self. Oh yes, I did without a lot of things then inorder to live now.

  27. Jean Keller

    Oh well, why then did the workers not try to help the company get straightened out? When a company has financial problems how can anyone expect the to have money to give to help workers. If the workers were smart they would try to help to stabilize with their ideas and preserve what they had. You can't get blood from a turnip.

  28. Kim Hall


  29. William Sastard

    wtf do you think they were doing? they were trying to negotiate with the CEO and try to get him to not give himself a 300% raise while cutting employee pay and benefits. he decided, of course, to take the money and run while blaming unions (how DARE they stand up for themselves!!!), which is what his firm and many other investment firms do… I'd tell you to research them and seek the truth but I know you won't, i have a feeling that you are the type of person who 1. Does zero research before you decide who is the bad guy and 2. is a republican who thinks no rich man does wrong. that's a dangerous combination and makes for a very unpatriotic and self-righteous person who makes me feel shameful while talking to all my foreign friends. It get old apologizing to the world for the stupidity and ethnocentric jaggoffs in this country. I wish you'd all just go to texas and build a fence around it and never leave… It's embarrassing being conservative nowadays because of you corporate puppet retards in the republican party. Libertarian Party FTW!

  30. Missy Wilson

    Regardless of what you say William. They went on strike, They stopped production and now they don't have a job. I would have gladly taking anyone of their jobs if they did not want it. I DON'T FEEL SORRY FOR THEM. Had they not gone on strike they would be working today. The whole country is in debt and everyone knows the job market is scarce. If you got a job, deal with the bullshit cause you might not find another one.

  31. William Sastard

    So the CEO got a 300% pay raise while he was demanding a pay and benefit cut to the workers? (btw nice job being unbiased and reporting all relevant facts inquisitr… tsk tsk shame shame) Really though, what kind a monster can sleep at night after destroying the lives of 18,500 people and their families? And I bet he doesn't even have to give any money back let alone serve any time for this crime.

  32. Missy Wilson

    AND I am not a republican so do your research b4 your run your mouth BOY

  33. William Sastard

    i was replying to the last poster, the world isn't ALWAYS about you missy wilson…. what were you smugly saying about doing research now b4 running mouths?

  34. Missy Wilson

    YOU were talking to all of us who don't agree with Mr Williams point of view because he thinks he is the most important person on earth.. GUESS WHAT? YOUR NOT. You are a bully trying to make everyone agree with you. GET A LIFE FAG BOY

  35. William Sastard

    But since you want to wax all intellectual allow me to retort the comment that you posted on your facebook but i can't see on here for some reason:
    Missy Wilson said: "Regardless of what you say William. They went on strike, They stopped production and now they don't have a job. I would have gladly taking anyone of their jobs if they did not want it. I DON'T FEEL SORRY FOR THEM. Had they not gone on strike they would be working today. The whole country is in debt and everyone knows the job market is scarce. If you got a job, deal with the bullshit cause you might not find another one."

    So if the CEO who recently bought your company that you work for walked in and said i'm cutting all of your guys pay and cutting your benefits too and i'm going to give myself millions of dollars as a raise which is more than what i just cut from your guys paychecks and benefits which will ultimately lead the closure of this company just like all the other ones we have bought in the past (the investment firm that bought out hostess has done this to other companies in the past… its uh kind of what they do). And you're telling me you'd be grateful? happy about it? happy cuz at least you gotta job, that now pays you a significant amount less just so the CEO can make a few more million bucks, you know cuz he deserves it just cuz he does? and you wouldn't stand up for yourself? your family? your friends? your coworkers? wowza you'd scab on your friends, family, and co-workers like that? You're gonna tell me you'd just keep working until the well goes dry all the way to minimum wage and maybe even vote that down lower while you are at it? and you claim to be an American? why do you think we are in the shape we are in as a country? cuz of jerkoff shit like this and ignorant jerkoffs defending said behavior, this isn't about handouts, people demanding what they don't deserve, its about good vs evil and its nice to know what side you are on and how much thought you put into picking the side you chose, i assume you excel at critical thinking as well as the abstract. i mean, seriously, that's a decent little piece of economy, 18,500 jobs, that supports a lot of people and help greatly with their communities, and your gonna berate and people wonder how we lost our way… (i hate to be mean but maybe you need someone to be. Just to show you exactly how hideous you appear to be without all that psychological makeup that you so clearly lavish on like an 1800's whore)

  36. William Sastard

    i was clearly counter pointing to Jean, i mean she asked a direct question followed by a statement directly related to said question, to which i replied to directly counter pointing her post… this is kind of conversation 101 here… are you really having trouble with this? btw i edited it to have jean's name in it to clear up any future confusion for any other people who might have no idea how a conversation works.

  37. Peg Bittner

    I fell very bad that another American icon is biting the dust. It is all because of the god of money. Excuse me Kelly H. even non-union people work very hard. If you are working 100 hour weeks there is a bigger problem in your life and it is not the fault of the Hostess Company. One union is destroying the lives of over 18,000 people including themselves. Now no one will have to worry about 100 hour weeks and working hard. No one is winning in this strike. I am going to miss all the Hostess products and subsidiaries. 18,000 are going to miss, well, they'll figure it out.

  38. Missy Wilson

    Do you have any idea what its like trying to find a job today? Something is better than nothing.. Now look where they are. Say what your faggot ass wants THEY DESERVE WHAT THEY GOT.

  39. Ellen Gardner Gelerman

    I was just about to note the 300% increase in the CEO's salary, but Joel beat me to it. He must have done "a heckuva job"!

  40. Missy Wilson

    Now you go ahead and continue running around terrorizing everyone's comments that YOU don't agree with, but i got better things to do SUCK DICK YOU PUNK. you hope I become a slave? bet you die of aids first

  41. Debra Brooks

    My point is simply that the Corruption of Power affects all humans equally, given the opportunity. The unions are not innocent, either. There is no common sense left in our society, and I refuse to accept that just because you're liberal you must be right.

  42. William Sastard

    mo' money; mo' corruption. but the fact of the matter on this particular case is that the union is not to blame here, they were trying to protect the workers from a doucher that just wanted to rape what he could from hostess and the workers as the company was ran into the ground by a dude that was clearly mismanaging the company. I do concede the point that there are corrupt unions but i see no facts whatsoever that this particular union was doing anything except fighting for the workers to get fair and just compensation for the work they always did. we should probably investigate facts before we make up our mind and judge each on a case by case scenario. Fact here is that a greedy little man ruined the income and lives of approx. 18,500 people AND their families so he could turn his shifty investment group a "cut, raise and run" profit scheme. What's sad is that somehow in this case people can still feel justified saying the workers somehow are to blame is just despicable and a major failure of humanity on their part in my opinion.

  43. Mary Kaywork

    It is a sad day for America when an iconic company like Hostess/Wonder Bread goes out of business. It doesn't matter if the taste is different or whatever else you say about the company I guess we will be getting our twinkees from China. Goodby red white and blue balloons printed on the wrapper.

  44. Ricci Logan

    actually if you would tell the entire story such as the part where the AFL CIO tried to get the bakers union to go back to work while they tried to resolve the issues and the bakers union refused so regardless of the outcome the bakers union is the reason hostess closed down wether that is the reason the company was in trouble or not secondly if the union had such a problem with what the ceo was making as a salary perhaps they should have tried to buy the company out instead of costing a lot of employees who were willing to try and make things work their jobs as well……..those people i feel bad for as far as the unions go i say hell with them they are all over paid for what they do compared to other non unionized shop

  45. Kim LaCapria

    The company was looted, and anyone blaming the unions doesn't really understand how these Bain-style scams work. These commenters are 100% correct. The union is being shamelessly blamed by the company for its own greed. Disgusting.

  46. Anonymous

    “The BCTGM was informed (via the Unsecured Creditor Committee) that the Hostess CEO was awarded a 300% raise (from approximately $750,000 to $2,550,000) prior to the January 11, 2012 bankruptcy filing. Additionally, at least nine additional top executives also received incredible raises ranging from 35% to 80%. For example, one such executive received a pay increase from $500,000 to $900,000. The chief negotiator for Hostess received a pay increase from $375,000 to $656,256.”.


  47. Anonymous

    Missy Wilson You're just mad because you won't be able to stuff your fat face w. Twinkies any more………………

  48. Sherry DePue

    Hey willie boy, I don't like unions, and I THINK anyone who would pay money (dues) and let 3 or 4 fat slobs in suits sit around a table inhaling donuts and drinking free cofree cause them to looose their jobs and company (ARE MORONS) or is that real GENIUS type union member stuff HE he he he

  49. Kelly Hearn

    Jean Keller I am not a union member of the Hostess crowd. I work in an entirely different field. However, I am union because I will have a retirement, I do have health insurance, better pay and employers have to be more mindful of the environment they subject their employees to. I have been on both sides of the fence. I am a good person. I am a giving person. You all think union members are greedy but I can tell you right now, the people I deal with are some of the most giving I have ever run into – anywhere. If someone is in need, generally, they are the first to step up and offer a hand. Union members are not monsters. Most are just hard working people trying to make it in life. Because of my job, I have been able to help my family, friends and strangers – all non-union members, by the way.

  50. Kelly Hearn

    Sorry you think I'm a moron, Sherry. I always thought you liked me.

  51. William Sastard

    I do have a regular job delivering pizza part time for fun, as well as real estate investment and I also sell used restaurant equipment. I'm also formally trained as a computer technician and as a car mechanic and a custom audio technician. What do you do Missy? Anything other than losing theological discussions on the internet and sitting around sharpening your horns and polishing your cold, dead, black heart using the tears of poor, sick, orphaned children???

  52. Missy Wilson

    Thats exactly what I do William. While others are throwing away good jobs, i am sharping my horns… No I actually have it pretty rough right now and that is why I don't care for a bunch of people who put themselves in a bad positon… Last yr I lost my husband in a car crash leaving me with 3 children and no help… I get a little from ss but not enough to pay my bills… The only jobs available are the ones that pay min wage and it's not worth what I have to pay in day care for me to work… SOOO EXCUSE ME IF I DON'T FEEL SORRY FOR A BUNCH OF PEOPLE WHO HURT THEMSELVES.. YOU DON'T KNOW PEOPLE SO DON'T GO ACTING LIKE YOU DO… I would have killed for anyone one of their jobs.. THEY THOUGHT THEY DESERVED MORE??? People at mcdonalds are making 8 hr working the same hours they are and not receiving any benifits…. SO they should have been thankfull for what they have.. as I said b4 SOMETHING IS BETTER THAN NOTHING

  53. Sherry DePue

    kEL I am disappointed that you think I wrote this to you. I have a hacker. It was not me. I do Love you very much and don't think you are a moron.

  54. William Sastard

    so if you had a job that was good enough to support you and your 3 kids and some jerkoff came in bought out the company you worked for and then proceeded to slash your wages and benefits past below the minimum YOU needed to pay child care and your bills while giving himself a 300% raise with the full intention of running it into the ground and liquidating the assets? would you act like an american and stand up with your brothers and sisters against the fuckfaces trying to screw you? Or would you shake his hand and give him a slap on the back and just hope he doesn't buy out your next employer? or would you go get a new job and give him a ringy ding and let him know of another tens of thousands of peoples who are ready to be ripped off? thats what i thought, learn to put yourself in others shoes, have compassion and empathy, don't be a cold hearted bitch. Just because you've suffered in life doesn't mean others deserve to suffer too, are you a cartoon villain?

  55. Missy Wilson

    did I mention to you that I also lost my parents in a wreck when I was 12 that almost killed me too? I know the value of life and I know to be happy with what you got.. These people knew that company was in trouble and by stopping production they killed it.. It was not their fault that the company was in debt,but when they stopped production in the company YEA THEY CHOSE TO LOSE THEIR JOBS Soo please go bully someone else cause I don't care what you have to say

  56. William Sastard

    Kelly, I am not dissapointed in you, you seem like a very kind and compassionate and forgiving person. personally i don't buy the " uh… i was hacked, i swear" bullshit. I'm sure you really don't either but it just shows how awesome you are.

  57. William Sastard

    so you want people to feel compassion for your situation but you refuse to treat others the way you expect to be treated? can we spell C-R-A-Z-Y ???

  58. Missy Wilson

    No I am not asking for compassion at all… ONLY SAYING they did this to themselves.. They knew the risk of going on strike and they took it.. It was a gamble and they lost

  59. Nick Rowe

    so if you were in their position you would have worked for less than you need to support your family? you would have not stood with your brothers and sister and fought against tyranny? you would have just rolled over and said, please sir if you want another raise, i'll work for even less cuz i am thankful for not being able able to support my family? I hope you realize how Unamerican you are. we fight against tyranny, not applaud it.

  60. Nick Rowe

    btw you are the 47% Missy, unemployed and living off of ss… go get a job and pay your taxes instead of being the wicked witch of hypocrisy!

  61. Jack Goft

    I personally like how she hid this from her wall, she had the whole thing posted right before she started realizing how retarded she sounds. yet she is still holding on the bullshit (wash your hands ewww)…. i guess she doesn't want her friends and family to see howidiotic she sounds? lolololol

  62. Jack Goft

    another poor republican who has yet to understand that her party HATES her. so sad really. its like watching a woman get beat up by her boyfriend and she still goes back over and over again cuz she thinks its "love"

  63. Missy Wilson

    UM Nick I receive ss only in the last 8 months because my husband died in a car wreck last year… He did pay taxes and until I can get on my feet I deserve that. So Your telling me a man who pays taxes all his life dies in a car wreck his family don't deserve ss until they can get back togather???? If that is your thinking your a dick…and Jack Goft Your an Ass i never lived with a man who beat me and how dare you disrespect my dead husband like that… I HAVE THE ISSUES??? Maybe you people need to look at yourself and as I have stated b4 I AM NOT A REPUBLICAN, However you are a loser Jack… It is not my fault that fate took my Husband from me. All I know is life is unfair, but we still have to live it. So when you think things are so bad for you, maybe you should look at the people less fortunate than you… They were unhappy with their job, now they have none and They don't have a very good chance at finding another one anytime soon… What was happening to them was unfair BUT LIFE IS UNFAIR DEAL WITH IT

  64. Missy Wilson

    AND B4 YOUR RESPOND yes I know you were not saying I was beat ,but you were referring that i was the type of female who would be beat and keep returning and I AM NOT so take your opinions and go to hell

  65. William Sastard

    they friend requested me, I don't refuse friendship from like minded people. and they have some solid points there. I think maybe you need to reflect on what kind of a person you want to be. a tyranny fighting american, or a traitorous corporate puppet hoping the wealthy will "trickle down" their wealth fairly to their poor constituents. for me the choice has always been simple, I believe in the golden rule; treat others how you want to be treated.

  66. Missy Wilson

    Look at yourselves LOL You are a bunch of bullys… I don't think you treat people like you what to be treated cause you would respect peoples opinions even if they were not your own.. Instead you try to be little people who don't agree with your opinions. Once again LIFE IS NOT FAIR DEAL WITH IT… None of us are promised anything and we are definitely not guaranteed tomorrow… You know those people regret the decisions they made to go on strike… AND NOW THEY WILL be living on the government, because they chose to not because life hit them unexpectedly… You should be angry at them not me… You guys have a nice life…. I will not be responding regardless of your comments…

  67. Kelly Hearn

    William, I know this person personally and she is a beautiful person. She has been hacked, many times, unfortunately. She would never call anyone a moron. I appreciate your comments, William. It's really sad that things like this turn us all against one another when none of us truly knows the whole story (meaning the Hostess deal). There's blame to go around in many arenas, I'm sure.

  68. Sherry DePue

    William I really don't care if you believe me or not. I do not know how this got on my page. But you can kiss off! I am a good person but this is my facebook page so if you so kindly get your butt off of it I''ll be overjoyed!!

  69. Terry Andrews

    Watch out folks is it stupid or not, I forsee Owbama coming to the rescue with truck loads of American taxpayers cash. There is one way all of us can stop this insanity. We should all boycott buying products made by union workers. Specifically GM or Owbama motors. Owebama give Chrysler to the Itilians to save union jobs. Now fiat is building Chrysler plants in europe and China. I wonder Why? trust me when these plants are open you will see Chryslers payroll in America on and annual basis begin to decline. Fiat knows they cant prosper this company paying union scale wages. Owbama sold the us taxpayer a majority state in GM at a cost of 100s of billions. He give the remainder of the company to the UAW unions. All this taxpayer money is only a bandaid on a failing company he did nothing to control the cancer killing GM the UAW.

  70. Nick Rowe

    uhhhhhh if you hate unions, you aren't American; Get your traitorous piece of shit asshole the fuck out of our country! Although I can't think of one country that would be stupid enough to take you, not to mention the rest of the Civilized world is actually waaaaay more socialist in nature than we are. You need to go back to elementary school and get a refresher course on English as well as re-learn exactly what powers and limitations a president has because you sound like the crazy drunk homeless guy that lives under the bridge; always ranting and raving about how the worlds gonna end in fire if we don't all bow down to the masters in charge. You are blaming things on obama that he has not done nor could ever do because this is reality not a Faux News socialist dystopia. Help save the world Terry, please stop voting and discussing anything concerning politics because we don't need anymore people trying to convince us to sell our freedom to a corporate run oligarchy.

  71. Nick Rowe

    living on the government like you Missy? rofl. shut the fuck up. You have clearly been damaged to think that workers standing up for themselves is wrong. I hope you and your kids end up working in a shoe factory for pennies a day and then maybe you will understand what all of our soldiers have died for! I'm a veteran and I fought and stood up with my friends and neighbors to fight against tyranny, not just foreign but domestic as well, and you are a domestic terrorist in my book. I would stand with my coworkers to fight for our rights and fair treatment too, when spineless morons like you would just accept your pittance and be "thankful" and probably try to suck the masters dick too. If you wanna get fucked so bad, try taking some dick instead of being fucked this way.

  72. John Cooler

    The really sad thing is that I'm sure over 18500 other people would be willing to fill these jobs and are not given the chance.

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