Did Justin Bieber peed in his pants

Playing The Cool Kid, Did Justin Bieber Pee On His Pants?

Peeing in one’s pants is the new cool, according to Justin Bieber. While walking along the streets in West Hollywood on Wednesday, the singer appears to be unperturbed by an unfortunate stain in his pants. Photos of JB with that wet spot on his crotch created a lot of flak online; he took this opportunity to make a joke on himself.

Did he pee or did he not pee?

Justin Bieber wasn’t too mindful of himself as he walked along West Hollywood with a green smoothie in one hand while checking out his phone. Little did he know that the camera was focusing on an unfortunate stain on his pants which later trended online.

The photo instantly made rounds on Instagram, but yesterday, Justin joined in on the bandwagon as he turned the joke on himself. The 22-year-old singer posted a snapshot of him and his wet mark with Adam Sandler’s character Billy Madison. The caption on the photo read, “You ain’t cool unless you pee your pants.” Cool joke, Justin!

Did Justin Bieber peed in his pants
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Billy Madison is a 1995 comedy film which stars Adam Sandler as a grown up man who was forced to return to school so he can prove to his father’s business partners that he is independent enough to run the company. On one of the scenes, Billy pretends to pee his pants so that one of his classmates would not get bullied for actually peeing his pants. Justin’s captioned was taken from one of the quotes in the movie.

The Canadian singer wasn’t just wearing any ordinary pants. We find out that he was wearing designer $700 gray Vetements sweatpants when the unlucky patch on his crotch area happened. The “Cold Water” singer wore a casual attire for the day, rocking a white shirt underneath a distressed gray denim jacket and a pair of neat looking Nike Air Huarache.

He then gave us a full explanation on why he has a pee stain during his Wednesday outing. “Someone got me flowers and I was driving, made a turn and the water spilled on my d*** area. Didn’t bother me if it made ya laugh nice,” he tweeted.

So there you have it Beliebers, he didn’t really pee in his pants. Case closed.

On Selena Gomez’s new romance with The Weeknd

Aside from the wet stain in his pants, the Grammy award-winning singer was also being stalked by paparazzi during his stroll. He took no notice of the cameraman as he made a beeline for his matte black Range Rover in which he changed the badge on the front so it now reads Stealth Rover.

Did Justin Bieber peed in his pants
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As Justin was walking, the man kept popping questions about Selena’s new romance with The Weeknd. We didn’t hear any response from Bieber who was seemingly pissed off.

According to In Touch Weekly, Justin Bieber and Abel Tesfaye (the legal name of The Weeknd) revealed that things are getting ugly with the two singers. A source revealed that Justin allegedly left a voicemail in Selena’s phone telling Abel to “watch out” because he’s going to released a song that was “more real than anything you’ve ever heard” Wow! SelGo is one lucky girl.

“Justin’s friends are worried that all hell will break loose if he comes face-to-face with The Weeknd. History could easily repeat itself with The Weeknd if they end up in the same room,” the source added.

By history repeating itself, we mean that time when Justin punched Orlando Bloom over Miranda Kerr. Quite nasty!

Back to his singing career, Justin Bieber will be returning on onstage for his “Purpose World Tour” in Perth, Australia beginning on March 6.

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