Richard Spencer holds his fist in the air while speaking before a group in Washington, D.C.

Depeche Mode: Alt-Right Comments By Richard Spencer ‘Ridiculous’

Before being removed from the Conservative Political Action Conference, which former Breitbart writer Milo Yiannopolous was dis-invited from, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, alt-right leader and white nationalist Richard Spencer professed to being a lifelong fan of 80s electronic band Depeche Mode, as reported by Entertainment Weekly.

Asked about what type of music he enjoys at CPAC, Spencer was said to state a preference for the popular English band’s music, a genre of alternative rock. He then stated that the group is the “official band of the alt-right.”

A representative for Depeche Mode called the proclamation “ridiculous” and underlined the fact that the members have no association with the alt-right and do not support it. In a tweet, the white nationalist later stated that he was joking and contended that he remains a fan.

Speaking about Spencer’s removal from CPAC, Executive Director of the American Conservative Union Dan Schneider called the views of the alt-right “racist,” “sexist,” “anti-Semitic,” “anti-free markets,” and “anti-Constitution.” He continued that the group does not represent an “extension of conservatism.”

Dan Schneider accused Spencer and the alt right of attempting to “worm its way” into conservative ranks and described the group as “sinister.” Schneider, a staunch conservative, went so far as to call the alt-right a “hate-filled, left-wing fascist group.”

Depeche Mode performs on an extravagantly decorated stage.
Depeche Mode, in 2009. [Image by Sunil060902/Wikimedia Commons/Cropped & Resized/CC BY-SA 3.0]

Richard Spencer, who is described as a “neo-Nazi” by Esquire, wasn’t invited to CPAC, but he did appear at the Gaylord National Resort, where the event is being held, and purchased a ticket. Officials with the conference were said to have been alerted to Spencer’s presence when he was seen speaking with a group of press members in the lobby of the hotel, as reported by NPR.

In January, video footage of Richard Spencer speaking with a reporter was interrupted by a protester running into view and punching the white supremacist in the face. Reacting to the news of conservative Frank Lunz having glitter thrown in his face, on January 23, Cenk Uygur, co-founder of progressive news organization The Young Turks, stated that he isn’t in favor of any forms of “physical” protest. He listed things like shoes, pies, glitter, and confetti.

“Totally against it,” Uygur emphasized.

He acknowledged a view held by some that such treatments, which could be viewed as assaults, are in good fun, but held that, in fact, they are “not fun.”

“You want to yell things at him? Have at it hoss.”

Lead singer of Depeche Mode, Dave Gahan.
Lead singer for Depeche Mode, Dave Gahan. [Image by Alberto Cabello/Wikimedia Commons/Cropped & Resized/CC BY-SA 2.0]

Besides the danger that someone could get seriously hurt, Uygur pointed to such acts having the opposite effect of that intended, often turning those, such as Spencer, into “victims” and giving them the ability to garner more eyeballs and support. The host stated that anyone who has been physically assaulted deserves the sympathy of observers.

“I can’t stand him,” Cenk Uygur said, moving on to Richard Spencer. “Nonetheless, this should not have happened.”

Footage of Spencer being cold cocked was then played for the TYT audience. Stating that such tactics are “illegal,” “immoral,” and “wrong,” Cenk Uygur offered that “violence begets violence.”

“You punch today, they punch tomorrow.”

Uygur asked TYT viewers, a largely liberal audience, to consider how they would view Richard Spencer or Sean Spicer running up to a respected liberal and punching them in the face, drawing on the absurdity of such a proposition.

“Violence is never the right answer,” Uygur was serious. “Especially in political discourse.”

The Wharton School graduate described resorting to violence as an admission of failure and suggested that it is a sign that a position being defended is indefensible or that its holder is merely giving up.

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