wwe rumors mick foley stephanie mcmahon hip surgery fired retire

WWE Rumors: Mick Foley To Be Fired Or Retire Next Week On ‘Monday Night Raw’

Ever since the WWE draft and brand split, Mick Foley has helped rule over the Monday Night Raw roster as the general manager. He has partnered well with Commissioner Stephanie McMahon to bring about great weekly shows and pay-per-view (PPV) events, but the end may indeed be near. Rumor has it that the former multi-time world champion will either be fired or forced to retire as soon as next week.

Anyone who has been watching Monday Night Raw for the last couple of months has noticed that Mick Foley and Stephanie McMahon have been at odds. That is rather expected since one plays the babyface and the other plays the heel, but the tension has picked up a bit in recent weeks.

Things have really become heated the last couple of weeks with the first incident happening during the Samoa Joe contract signing. This past week, there was the issue regarding Sami Zayn and how the GM and commissioner were at odds on sending him out for a match.

Well, there may be a reason for all this tension, and it could lead to something big.

wwe rumors mick foley stephanie mcmahon hip surgery fired retire
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It was back in December that Foley posted on his personal Facebook page that he was going to need to have hip surgery soon. He had a number of issues with different insurance companies, but he believed it would be cleared up shortly, and he could have that surgery in early 2017.

Wrestling Inc. caught Foley’s update earlier this month that he had been cleared for surgery, and he would soon need time off to recover. His right hip replacement is going to take him out of the air for a while as he won’t be able to fly for at least six weeks, but will his GM job be waiting for him once he’s healed up?

According to WWE Insiders, that time off of WWE television is going to come by way of Stephanie McMahon either firing him or forcing him to retire, but of course, all as part of a storyline. Stephanie has threatened to fire Foley on a number of times, and that is all to build up to it ultimately happening.

Once Stephanie gets to her breaking point, Stephanie could fire the Raw general manager or force himself to retire and leave TV.

wwe rumors mick foley stephanie mcmahon hip surgery fired retire
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If Mick Foley does leave Monday Night Raw next week by “retirement” or “firing,” he will go have his surgery and be out of action for a while. Those six weeks will keep him away from doing anything with WrestleMania 33 at all since it takes place in early April.

Now, if Foley has to leave Monday Night Raw for any length of time, there would need to be someone to take his place as the general manager. Sure, there have been some rumors and whispers as to who could step in, but nothing has been confirmed as of yet.

First things first, Mick Foley is still the GM of Team Red, and he won’t retire or be done with the wrestling business until he absolutely can’t do it anymore. Well, that or he actually is fired and has no choice but to sit at home and not be a part of WWE.

Mick Foley may be done as an in-ring competitor, but he still has so much to contribute to WWE and the world of professional wrestling. He has done an excellent job as the general manager of Monday Night Raw, and he has been a great compliment to Stephanie McMahon as commissioner. The hip surgery he needs is long overdue and forcing him to “retire” or firing him will be the easiest way to write him off of television.

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