WWE News: Mick Foley Insults ‘SmackDown,’ Daniel Bryan Takes Shot At ‘Raw’ Women

Last year, WWE brought back the superstar draft and brand split to separate the roster among two shows, and now, the general managers are doing everything possible to bring it back together. After the WWE Championship number one contender battle royal on SmackDown Live, Mick Foley decided to take a shot at the show and decision-making process. Soon after, Daniel Bryan fired back and took his own shot at the women’s division on Monday Night Raw.

On Tuesday night, the number one contender battle royal on SmackDown Live ended in complete chaos. Both AJ Styles and Luke Harper were ruled as the winners of a match which would determine who would face Bray Wyatt for the WWE Title at WrestleMania 33, but there can’t be two winners.

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As recapped by the official website of WWE, Harper and Styles were the last two men in the ring and both are said to have been eliminated at the same time. One referee ruled in Harper’s favor while the other ruled for Styles, and everyone wondered what this meant for WrestleMania 33.

While they were dealing with that, Raw general manager Mick Foley decided to take a shot at SmackDown.

From there, a number of Twitter users began shooting at Foley and telling him that he was wrong in his words, but he kept on defending himself. Although he defended himself against those coming at him on social media, he hasn’t said anything to the one man he needs to.

On Tuesday night’s episode of Talking Smack, Daniel Bryan decided to shoot back at Mick Foley and his comments, but he didn’t stop there. Bryan took it upon himself to also take a serious shot at the women’s division on Monday Night Raw as well.

“Right now, I want to tell Mick Foley that he can suck it! He can suck it! Listen to this…the SmackDown women were in the first three segments of SmackDown Live, then, there was a tag match, then, the SmackDown women were in the next two segments. The SmackDown women were in over half the show.

“Let’s see the Raw women do an hour and a half of TV, they’re not going to do it.”

This was only an hour or so after Foley sounded off on Twitter and Bryan decided to go right for the throat. Foley has long defended the women’s division and praised the female superstars on Raw for their hard work, talent, and perseverance.

Maybe, Foley was simply taking a playful jab at Daniel Bryan and SmackDown Live. If he was, Bryan didn’t take it that way and decided to fire back. The thing is, if Foley sits back now and doesn’t say anything in return, it will make all the build-up he’s given the women’s division on Raw completely pointless.

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There has been a lot of talk that former women’s superstars are being contacted by WWE to return for WrestleMania 33. Maybe, this little spat between Foley and Bryan is a way to work up to a Raw vs. SmackDown Live women’s match on the biggest pay-per-view of the year and this is simply setting it up.

SportsKeeda thinks a “short-term storyline” is possible to come from this, and that does seem feasible as Bryan’s comments were more than just something to brush off.

Will all of this lead to a SmackDown Live vs. Monday Night Raw women’s match at WrestleMania 33 in Orlando? That all remains to be seen, but it certainly seems as if WWE is going somewhere with this. Mick Foley poking fun at the battle royal that ended in a draw is one thing, but Daniel Bryan taking a shot at the women’s division of Team Red? Those surely sound like fighting words and it could lead to something big.

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