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School Bans ‘Movember’ Mustache Because Girls Can’t Grow Them

School bans Movember mustaches, because they're not "inclusive"

Bedfordshire, UK – A school across the pond told a student to shave his mustache supporting “Movember” because growing facial hair is not regarded as an “inclusive” practice.

In short, “Movember” is a month-long men’s health movement during the month of November where men grow mustaches to raise money for Prostate Cancer UK. It’s a good cause, and, according to MSN, 13-year-old Gus Hooker just wanted to participate by growing his peach-fuzz out for the month.

His school, The Priory Academy, told Hooker he had to shave because growing a mustache is “not an activity that many children would be able to join in with.”

According to the BBC, Hooker’s grandfather recently beat cancer himself, which inspired the young man to participate in Movember. “Because I can grow a mustache, I reckon that if I did it I could raise a fair bit [of money],” he said. “I just wanted to show off my mustache, everyone wanted me to go for it.”

His father, Paul Hooker, said that the school made him shave because girls and many male classmates his age cannot grow facial hair themselves. Gus has been shaving since he was 9-years-old. Hooker the elder also said that many of the school’s faculty were growing their own mustaches to support the cause.

The school has stated that they cannot support a cause that isn’t “entirely inclusive.”

“Fundraising is an inclusive activity with all pupils having the opportunity to participate regardless of age or gender,” a statement said. “In a coeducational school with young children, growing facial hair would not be an activity that many children would be able to join in with. Whilst the school dress code does not explicitly mention facial hair, it does mention unusual hair styles and coloring that are contrary to a smart uniform appearance.”

In the spirit of compromise, the school will allow Hooker to organize a Movember charity day during which students will be allowed to wear fake mustaches for a small donation.

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10 Responses to “School Bans ‘Movember’ Mustache Because Girls Can’t Grow Them”

  1. Heather Johnson

    How stupid! So what if growing facial hair is not all inclusive. Neither is prostate cancer, as women, not having prostates, cannot get prostate cancer. Furthermore, growing facial hair is a bodily function. Are they going to ban menstruation because it is also not all inclusive?

  2. Michael Coats

    Women can grow mustaches. I've seen hundreds of women have more hair on their faces that I do, here in Eastern Tennessee. So that is a falsehood, women can grow mustaches, they just choose not too shave or cut their facial hairs. Again, Republicans against science and fact, in the name of stupidity and conformity.

  3. Jeremy James Mellor

    Holy dog piss folks. It's fucking facial hair…ya know? I get that schools can tell you what to wear, but they shouldn't be able to tell you what to grow or shave on your body. The reason why they get away with this is because nobody stands up to stupid rules like this. I don't give two shits if women can grow facial hair or not. Why should that be my fucking problem? so what it's not inclusive or whatever bullshit excuse you have. I show up, I do my part, now fuck off. It's supposed to be a free state. Not everyone is a math genius either, so that's sure is hell not inclusive. You going to fucking ban math now? Get the fuck out you clown.

  4. John Haddon

    Perhaps when cancer is an all inclusive disease we will all be able to support it, what a joke! Females can always grow their leg hair in support… like a lot of fundraising it started with one act and then changed to include more people eg: the 40 hour famine, some people who could not give up food for medical or other reasons gave up junk food or meat, or technology…

    Perhaps we should stop doing the MS read-a-thon as students in younger years can't read, and some older students have learning difficulties and cannot read… We should not disavantage people because others can't or won't join in, as I am sure most of the people at his school would have supported him in the cause, they could have gotten involved by just donating…

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