Duggar Family Introduces Caldwell Sisters On 'Counting On'

Did The Duggar Family Tease Two New Courtships On ‘Counting On?’

Is the Duggar family hiding a new courtship or two in plain sight? Some Counting On fans think that Jinger Duggar’s wedding special sneakily introduced the next girl who will marry into the Duggar family.

The main focus of the February 20 episode of Counting On was Jinger Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo’s wedding. However, a few of Jinger’s male family members managed to snag a little screen time by helping out with the wedding decorations. As Us Weekly reports, Jinger and Jeremy’s wedding planner wanted to create a huge “V” out of roses to serve as the backdrop of the couple’s wedding ceremony. To complete the project, she enlisted the help of a small group of Duggar siblings and three non-Duggars: sisters Lauren and Kendra Caldwell and Austin Forsyth. Joy-Anna described the trio as friends of the family.

However, Austin Forsyth and Joy-Anna Duggar aren’t just friends; they’re currently courting. During next week’s episode of Counting On, viewers will get to see how Jim Bob Duggar reacts when Austin Forsyth asks him for permission to court Joy-Anna.

Joy-Anna is the only member of the Duggar family who has announced that she’s in a courtship, but the presence of the Caldwell girls on Counting On has some fans speculating that one or both of them could be future Duggars.

“Sooooo…Austin was helping with the flower trip, and so were those two Caldwell girls…again… When is the courtship announcement coming for one or more of the Duggar boys?” one viewer wrote on the Duggar Family Blog.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Kendra and Lauren Caldwell are daughters of the Duggar family’s pastor, Paul Caldwell. He preaches at the Lighthouse Baptist Church in Fayetteville, Arkansas, and he’s appeared on a few episodes of Counting On. Most recently, he helped the Duggar boys change the oil in Jinger Duggar’s SUV. The family has said that the pastor is also their “local mechanic.”

Little is known about Paul Caldwell’s daughters, including their ages. However, some internet sleuths have learned that Kendra is the older of the two girls. She has straight hair and is wearing a red top in the Counting On special. Lauren has her hair curled and is wearing a plaid shirt.

Joe Duggar Linked To Caldwell Girl
Joe Duggar in his family’s kitchen with Kendra and Lauren Caldwell [Image by TLC]

Some fans believe that one of the Caldwell sisters can also be seen in a photo on the Duggar Family’s Facebook page. The picture was snapped during the Duggars’ Valentine’s Day party, and it shows an unidentified blonde sitting beside Joseph Duggar. There’s been a lot of speculation that 22-year-old Joseph is courting a Caldwell girl, but is it possible that one of his younger siblings is also involved with one of the sisters?

John-David Duggar, 27, and Josiah Duggar, 20, were not members of the group that helped create the big floral “V” on Counting On. However, 18-year-old twins Jedidiah and Jeremiah were. Perhaps Joseph is courting one of the Caldwell sisters and a twin is courting the other one.

Daughters Of Duggar Family's Pastor Appear On 'Counting On'
Kendra Caldwell smiles at Joseph Duggar [Image by TLC]

It’s also possible that only one sister is courting and the other tags along as her “accountability buddy,” or maybe nobody is courting… yet. Joseph Duggar may simply be getting to know one of the Caldwell girls right now, the same way Jeremy Vuolo got to know Jinger Duggar before he asked her to enter into a courtship with him. According to a chalkboard at Jinger’s bridal shower, she and Jeremy first met in April 2015. However, they didn’t start courting until May 21, 2016.

Joseph Duggar has been linked to two Bringing Up Bates stars in the past, 21-year-old Tori and 18-year-old Carlin. However, neither of his friendships with the sisters ever evolved into something more. According to Joseph, he’s in no rush to get married.

“I don’t feel myself as being real close to that, but only time can tell,” he told the Counting On cameras during Jinger’s wedding special.

Do you think one or more of the Caldwell girls will join the Duggar family someday? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

[Featured Image by Duggar Family/Facebook]