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WWE News: Ryback Discussed A Past Incident With Paul Heyman And CM Punk

One of the more polarizing figures in pro wrestling happens to be a man who only won one championship in the WWE, Ryback, who started as Skip Sheffield in the first iteration of WWE NXT. Ryback didn’t have the most glorious WWE career, as it came to an abrupt start when he let his WWE contract run out and quit. Ryback became the man who was most known for nearly breaking CM Punk’s back, stealing wrestlers’ antics to get over as a heel, and for being injured for a good portion of his WWE career.

Since his departure from professional wrestling, Ryback has talked a lot, and hasn’t done that much. Aside from beginning a podcast, Ryback loves to talk about the WWE, and what truly happened behind the scenes. Not only that, but Ryback has entertained the idea of mixed martial arts and wrestling for other companies as “the Big Guy.” Staying true to his character, the former Intercontinental champion hasn’t shied away from speaking his mind.

Ryback In a WWE Ring
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He’s talked about the WWE backstage, certain superstars, incidents on the road, and drama that took place among the WWE stars. In an earlier report by the Inquisitr, Ryback shared a very unflattering story about John Cena that took place. He talked about Cena talking down to others and being inappropriate backstage. It’s stories like those that keeps Ryback in the wrestling news, and relevant among those who follow the WWE.

Ryback isn’t usually the guest on wrestling podcasts, but he was this past week when Jim Ross had Ryback on The Ross Report. In this particular episode, Ryback talked about past frustration with CM Punk, Paul Heyman, and his relationship with both WWE figureheads.

“I respect Paul [Heyman] a lot, and he’s lasted in this business a very long time, but we didn’t see eye to eye. Paul and CM Punk were really, really good friends. Heyman was supposed to be, from a creative standpoint, working with me. And he was with Punk all day and they were discussing business, and what they were going on to do, and it wasn’t doing me any favors and I knew that. We were overseas on an England tour [when] I finally had enough. Paul knew he had to get away from me, because I was gonna kill him at the time. He had went to Vince, him and Punk, and they didn’t do me any favors in there talking to Vince. I talked to Paul that night at catering at the hotel,” … “I had one last discussion with Paul at the catering table, in which he bought me beers for about two hours, as I cut a two-hour promo on him on everything, and what I thought of him, and how he did his business with me. He held a butter knife in his hand, twirling it the entire two hours. I kid you not, CM Punk walked around in circles the entire time, acting like he was gonna try to do something, while I was talking to Paul cutting this promo on him.”

That was only one example that Ryback made on Ross’ podcast. He went on to talk about his relationship with McMahon and talked about Punk competing in the UFC. When it comes down to it, Ryback is a smart individual who believed in himself. In a recent article by Wrestling Inc, Ryback elaborated on the time he began to use Punk’s taunts while wrestling. Backstage officials weren’t happy with the Big Guy, which takes us back to what was said earlier.

Ryback vs. CM Punk
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He wanted to get over his way without “selling out,” as other WWE superstars have put it in the past. Punk and Cena were the biggest guys in the company full-time. Ryback wanted to get on their level, but with that came frustrations from Ryback’s end.

That’s understandable, as creative stifling does exist. Heyman and Punk presumably didn’t give Ryback a fair shot during their WWE tenure together. As interesting as it is that Ryback said these things about Punk and Heyman, you have to wonder what their perspective is. That is especially true from Heyman’s point of view, who is one of the most respected WWE talents in history.

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