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Does Kristen Stewart Stink? Actress Slammed By Tabloids With False Rumor

Does Twilight star Kristen Stewart stink? Unfortunately, the actress has recently been slammed by tabloids for her poor hygiene and her putrid body odor. Is there any truth to this latest celebrity slam?

A quick search of Google will reveal a story by Hollywood Life from seven years ago which claims part of the reason why Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart made such a great couple is because they both had poor hygiene and rank body odor. Digging a little deeper into the sources used for the story, however, you will find a second story which claims that while Kristen’s ex Robert looks a little rough around the edges at time – he doesn’t have a funky smell.

In fact, the sources in the story claiming Robert and Kristen smell bad note Pattinson wasn’t too pleased with the circulating rumor that he had a body odor problem.

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So, is what tabloids are saying about Kristen Stewart true? Does she stink? Gossip Cop caught wind of the story roughly three hours after tabloids began to slam the Twilight actress for her putrid body odor.

Tabloids have begun to claim that Kristen Stewart has an “overwhelming” body odor. The tabloids go on to claim that insiders who worked close to the actress noted that she didn’t shower regularly and that was the main reason why she smelled so bad.

The tabloids which are currently slamming the actress for having an “overwhelming stink” speculates Kristen has a “glam squad” that does such a good job cleaning her up so she looks great for the camera that her fans would never suspect she stinks.

Gossip Cop, however, claims this is nothing more than a “ridiculous tabloid report” and describes the rumor as “nonsense.” The inside source the tabloids claim to have received this information was quoted saying Stewart will “go weeks” without washing her hair. There, however, is no way of knowing whether or not this inside source actually exists.

Gossip Cop claims to have a reliable source who is close to the actress who laughed and shrugged off the slam from the tabloid noting that it was “nonsense” and a ridiculous rumor at best. The media outlet known for debunking celebrity rumors on tabloids, however, was not too shocked to see Kristen Stewart being slammed by a tabloid with false rumors considering it wasn’t that many months ago the Twilight actress was slammed with a different rumor.

Back in October of last year, tabloid rumors started to swirl that the actress was rude to the staff at a Mexican restaurant located in West Hollywood. The tabloid that originally slammed the actress for allegedly “being rude to staff members” claimed she was showing off to her girlfriend at the time and trying to impress her by bossing around the staff.

As with the current rumor claiming Kristen Stewart has a funky body odor, Gossip Cop was able to speak to a reliable source close to Kristen which confirmed there was absolutely no truth to the story tabloids were circulating.

Unfortunately for Kristen Stewart, a quick browse of Google will turn up her name on the list of a number of different celebrities who are reported to stink or have a putrid body odor. It doesn’t, however, appear as if too many of these lists of celebrities who stink have too many reliable sources as most tend to tabloids notorious for circulating false celebrity rumors.

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Does Kristen Stewart struggle with body odor? [Image by Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images]

So back to the original question: does Kristen Stewart stink? Is it possible the Twilight actress has a body odor problem?

While there is always the chance Stewart has an issue with hygiene – there does not appear to be any reliable sources to back up this celebrity rumor. So, it is safe to assume that if you were to meet Kristen Stewart in person, you likely wouldn’t be greeted with an “overwhelming stink.”

What are your thoughts on this latest tabloid rumor claiming Kristen Stewart stinks? Share them with us in the comment’s section found down below.

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