Aaron Carter has taken to Twitter to explain himself after being attacked for allegedly racist comment.

Aaron Carter Breaks Silence After Being Attacked Onstage Over Alleged Racism

Aaron Carter has spoken up after being attacked onstage by a musician from his opening act for making an alleged racist comment during a show at the Looney Bin in Bradley, Illinois, on Friday night. The unnamed musician who attacked Carter is a member of the music group ILL State.

A witness told TMZ that Carter heckled the musician, shouting “Bye Felipe!” as the man was being ejected from the venue by security. According to the report, security was alerted and was forced to eject the musician after he started grabbing at concertgoers’ phones.

Before long, the man re-entered the venue and attacked Aaron Carter onstage, leaving Nick Carter’s younger brother “bloody” and his computer and speaker broken. He was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment.

Carter has taken to Twitter to defend himself over the incident, saying that he didn’t mean to come off as racist, and that “Bye Felipe” was just another take on the popular phrase “Bye Felicia.” He also debunked previous reports that he got beaten up, explaining that he was hit and pushed when he wasn’t looking.

“I didn’t get beat up I got a hit and pushed when I wasn’t looking and they ran out the club and I stood on the speakers waiting for them?,” Aaron tweets.

Carter also said that his assailant tried to act like a security guard, which he says makes him a liability and thus needs to be ejected from the venue.

“Maybe he should’ve not been a fake security guard causing liability to the venue and antagonizing me and my fans mid show..,” he tweets.

The singer also wrote that he wasn’t knocked out despite being punched twice in the head. He maintained that he was “still standing” in the wake of the incident, adding, “My face is still pretty though and untouched”

Aaron Carter was called out by Twitter users for his allegedly racist comment directed at the Hispanic musician, with some saying that he deserved to be hit for it.

“I can only explain myself so much,” Carter tweeted back.

The singer called out the media for allegedly implying that he made a racist comment. He then challenged them to look up his old tweets and find out for themselves if he made any racist comments in the past.. He also pointed out that his “manager Lori Graf/ Mom” is 100-percent Mexican.

Carter, who released his Love EP album last week, announced that his show in Illinois on Saturday night has been canceled due to “unforeseen circumstances,” as reported by Daily Mail.

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Carter was released from the hospital on Saturday night.

Aaron Carter rose to fame as a child pop singer in the late 1990’s with hit songs such as “Crush On You” ( a cover of The Jets’ 1985 classic) and “Crazy Little Party Girl.” He reached the peak of his career at age 13, when his sophomore album Aaron’s Party (Come Get It) released in 2000 reached multi-platinum status after selling 3 million copies in the United States alone. His next album Oh Aaron also went platinum. Aaron also made appearances on the Nickelodeon channel and toured with Backstreet Boys (one of whom is his elder brother Nick Carter).

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