'Watch Dogs 3' release date, story, and gameplay possible.

‘Watch Dogs 3’ Release Date Planned? What The Story, Gameplay Could Do

The Watch Dogs 3 release date may be inevitable, with the story possibly hinted in the final few seconds of the current game’s ending. A recent patch updated the ending to include two men talking about a worldwide hacker threat and coordinates shown during this addition reveal a part of London.

If London is where the game is set to take place, Ubisoft may opt to recycle the map from Assassin’s Creed: Syndicate, updated with semi-futuristic technology. Unlike that title, the possible Watch Dogs 3 gameplay will be unlikely to take a parkour-heavy route. Early videos for WD2 had shown protagonist Marcus Holloway leaping over obstacles as easily as Ezio from AC2, but the final product proved this was not the case. Obstacles aren’t as monumental as they were in the first game, but Marcus still doesn’t move that quickly over them now.

It seems clear that parkour is something they’re keeping exclusive to Assassin’s Creed, in favor of finding creative uses of technology like drones and a smartphone battery which both regenerate like Wolverine.

Drones are almost central to the 'Watch Dogs 2' gameplay.
Drones are almost central to the ‘Watch Dogs 2’ gameplay. [Image by Dmitry Kalinovsky/Shutterstock]

If the Watch Dogs 3 release date takes the story global, we could possibly expect smaller maps with the option to play as a different member of DedSec in each one. Considering the theme of internet security, traveling across the globe probably won’t be such a wise idea. Airport security, especially in the UK and U.S., is especially strict these days, and will likely be equipped with the latest national security software.

The leaked ending update revealed by GameSpot hints at London as one of the global locations, alongside the Middle East, South America, and Europe. Being very different cultures, it could bring a whole new level of diversity to the game, as you’ll interact with Arabs, Latinos, and possible terrorist groups in each one. The rival gangs of Watch Dogs 2 could be a thing of the past as the threat grows even higher.

In the Middle East, you could be surrounded by a very dusty environment which makes common North American fashions appear ridiculous, as wrap-around clothes will almost be a necessity to keep the dust out of your sinuses. All-terrain vehicles could be the norm, and there could also be a terrorist cell operating secretly among the citizens ensuring nobody is safe.

In South America, there could be a heavy cartel running beneath the tropical scenes, with the oppressive heat possibly making even the easiest of physical activities take that much more effort. Gadgets and drones could play a major role in taking on the drug cartels but beware of overheating.

Europe these days has been almost a constant target of terrorist attacks, meaning that in spite of the classic beauty of France, Germany, and other nations, there is the potential threat of being killed in a random attack, much like in the Middle East. It will also most likely be packed with U.S. tourists constantly taking selfies of anything they find unusual.

Tourists in Paris could be one of many annoyances in 'Watch Dogs 3.'
Tourists in Paris could be one of many annoyances in ‘Watch Dogs 3.’ [Image by Andrey Yurlov/Shutterstock]

London tends to be a quieter kind of location, not known for terrorism as much as an air of pending Royal rule. DedSec could be attempting to keep criminals from becoming a threat beneath the scenes, two of which might be those two men you hear in the ending of WD2.

Hacking could also be expanded in the right locations, with weaponized drones in the Middle East, and remote controlled smart-cars which can be operated like the Cyberdriver in the beginning missions of Watch Dogs 2. With the upcoming move toward driverless cars and remote shut-downs on current cars if you can’t make payments on time, this seems inevitable.

Of course, the common theme for Watch Dogs 3 could be global terrorism and drug cartels, making DedSec the anti-heroes Ubisoft has been aiming for. If the game is already in development, we can possibly expect a release window of late 2018 or 2019.

What do you think should be introduced in the next game of the franchise?

[Featured Image by Ubisoft]