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Mitt Romney: I Lost Because Of Obama’s ‘Gifts’ To Minorities

Mitt Romney talks about why he lost

Mitt Romney has finally broken the silence on his 2012 election loss, telling his top campaign donors on Wednesday that “the gifts” President Obama had extended to minority voters earned him a second term.

In a campaign donor call, Mitt Romney expressed his disappointment in President Obama’s re-election, saying that neither he nor his top aides expected to lose, reports the LA Times. He said that his own team ran a “superb” campaign with “no drama,” chalking up Obama’s win to “the gifts” the administration had given to blacks, Hispanics, and young voters throughout his first term.

Romney said that Obama’s healthcare coverage promise to voters making $25,000 to $35,000 was “highly motivational” to those voters as well as other minority voters. He also said that the Obama administrations efforts to depict Romney as “anti-immigrant” were successful and that his promise of “amnesty” to children of illegal immigrants helped him with the Hispanic vote.

“The president’s campaign,” he said, “focused on giving targeted groups a big gift — so he made a big effort on small things. Those small things, by the way, add up to trillions of dollars.”

Romney continued: “I am very sorry that we didn’t win. I know that you expected to win. We expected to win…. It was very close, but close doesn’t count in this business.”

The former GOP candidate said that he’d “gotten beat up pretty bad” following the primaries, and his first presidential debate rebound wasn’t enough.

He also said that he wants to keep the donor team connected somehow, “so we can stay informed and have influence on the direction of the party, and perhaps the selection of a future nominee.”

“Which, by the way,” Romney laughed, “will not be me.”

Do you think Mitt Romney is right about why he lost the 2012 election?

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18 Responses to “Mitt Romney: I Lost Because Of Obama’s ‘Gifts’ To Minorities”

  1. Mary Glen Sharpe

    He should just realize that he lost the election because America wanted someone that is human to be president.
    He still hasn't learn from his 47

  2. Carol Cheshire Wagner

    Romney is absolutely right! You can't always be the "cool" parent that says yes to everything their child wants. Sometimes you have to say no or I'm sorry we can't afford to do this. Oh well, I hope everyone enjoys their gifts while I worry if I'll be able to find a job before my unemployment runs out next month.

  3. Brandt Hardin

    Romney should know better than anyone now that money can't buy everything. Despite all odds, our President prevailed. He still has an uphill battle fighting a Red House which has blocked his every move in an attempt to squash his goals of bringing the Middle Class equal pay, women’s rights, gay rights and affordable healthcare. The Bush Administration drove our economy into a swift nose dive and Obama is still the patsy. Watch conservative hands paint him in Blackface with a visual commentary of how Barack has been bamboozled at…

  4. Los Mortales De Publicacion

    Obama's was a religio-racist victory. It had noting to do with “gifts.” To gain an existential understanding of the cult that produced Mitt Romney, read The Assassination of Spiro Agnew, available in paperback and e-book on Amazon.

    Its unwilling, part-Mexican Mormon assassin dramatizes the Mormon superiority complex, manifesting it as racism, sexism, jingoism and an anti-federal government temperament. His research in the new library reveals ominous similarities between Islam and Mormonism. The spiritual power behind the cult, which is not the Holy Ghost, acts out.

    “With a clarity of language and vision unsurpassed in contemporary American prose, Steven Janiszewski’s Assassination of Spiro Agnew takes us into a U.S. mazed with madness and Mormonism and all things Utah, a U.S. that was then and still is. Readers, welcome to a masterpiece.”.
    Tom Whalen

    Read The Assassination of Spiro Agnew.

  5. Peter Holmes

    Aren't tax cuts for the wealthy and killing regulations 'Gifts'? Why, after losing the minority vote by the widest margin in recent years, would you come out and attack them?

  6. Melissa Stusinski

    So, you do realize that the unemployment benefits you are receiving are a "gift" from the government, right? While you do pay a little into it, the federal government helps that total cost. And if you have been on unemployment benefits so long that they expire next month, then you've been getting a big gift! How would you feel if, when you lost your job, there was no unemployment? Thank the government that it is there, so that you can pay the bills during your tough time.

    Also, I hope you are able to find a job. From experience, I know that it is very tough.

  7. Workout Ric

    To most of you with your smart comments, who no nothing about politics and how this country runs, day to day it’s because of Obama that your still collecting unemployment for some years now.For those who support the racist former GOP. You got what you did, a LOST. Money doesn't win you votes; it’s the People of America that wins votes. The ones who are not afraid of hard work the ones who will go work two jobs to get by and not sit at home watching TV hoping for a job.
    Oh Yeah Mr. President is also cleaning up another former Republican MESS from the past 12 years.
    Let see one of you try and do that and fight the millionaires to keep jobs in America, so some of you can get of your butt, put the cell phone down and get a job! Knowledge is King, ignorance is bliss!

  8. Workout Ric

    It the only thing he can say, Why would he blame himself and his rich backers? (look what he did for Mass), lol made it worst!!! lol

  9. Mike Newton

    I love how all of these stories are based on hearsay, and providing no actual proof of his actual words. And yet, most of the Obama supporters will take it at it's word. Awesome.

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