Justin Bieber Argentina Charges Haunt Singer Amid New Alleged Headbutting, Fist Fight Investigations

Justin Bieber Accused Of L.A. Alleged Headbutting, Fight After Argentina Charge

Justin Bieber has been hit with two accusations of alleged assault. Both instances have bizarre alleged backstories and are possibly payday-seeking attempts by dubious plaintiffs.

The pop superstar is being investigated by police based on a report filed by a Las Vegas man who had a fist fight with the Biebs outside the singer’s hotel in Cleveland, Ohio, after the NBA Finals in June 2016.

And in a separate alleged incident, Justin is also being investigated for misdemeanor battery by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department after allegedly headbutting a man at a pre-Grammy party last weekend. More on that below.

Regarding the first matter, Las Vegas resident Rodney Cannon, 34, claims Bieber assaulted him in Cleveland eight months ago.

Police have said that no charges have yet been formally filed and that the investigation is ongoing.

Cannon alleges the “Sorry” singer took Cannon’s sunglasses inside a hotel after the Cleveland Cavaliers playoff game on June 8.

According to TMZ, Cannon claims he then took a snap of Bieber wearing his glasses, and that this is what allegedly provoked the singer and sent him into “attack mode” and set off the altercation.

The site also reported that on Wednesday Cannon directed questions about the fight and why he took so long to file the report to his attorney.

TMZ subsequently reported that Cannon claims he waited so long to file a report with Cleveland police — February 15 — because he was trying to settle with Bieber directly but that the superstar “just wouldn’t play ball.”

In his report, Cannon claims that Bieber, and possibly a bodyguard, punched him, and that he wrestled Bieber to the ground to restrain him. In fact Heavy reports that Cannon claims the singer punched him three times.

Cannon also claims he went to the hospital with several injuries including concussion.

Notably, although Cannon says he’s the man in the video below, another man, Lamont Richmond, previously said that it was him in the footage. Richmond went on to tell TMZ that this wasn’t the case, but a week later he sold his story to the Daily Mail claiming it was him.

TMZ posted the original onlooker-obtained video of part of the fight. The website added that Cannon looks “twice as big as Biebs.” Other observers might put Cannon at three or four times the size of Bieber, which does rather make his claim that Bieber allegedly assaulted him by punching him three times extremely hard to swallow.

As aforementioned, the second assault claim is an alleged headbutting.

As reported, Justin is being investigated in an alleged battery that may have gone down at the pre-Grammy bash of songwriter/producer Jason “Poo Bear” Boyd at the Serafina restaurant in Los Angeles on February 11, after an attendee, Dean Parker, recorded a video of the singer play-fighting with pal actor Kyle Massey.

According to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, police responded to a “battery report call” around 2 a.m. and were told by a witness “that he saw Justin Bieber get into two separate altercations with two bartenders.”

The witness claimed he “broke up the fights and asked Mr. Bieber to leave,” but the singer refused, according to the statement. Adding, “a few minutes later, he saw Mr. Bieber arguing with a patron, when Mr. Bieber suddenly head-butted the patron,” adds the statement.

However, the witness’ claim that staff were allegedly assaulted by Bieber may be false.

Caroline McBride, spokeswoman for the Serafina Restaurant Group, released a clear statement to PEOPLE magazine, denying that any bartenders or staff were involved in a fight with Bieber.

“We can assure you that nobody from our staff was involved, nor did we call the police,” the statement read.

McBride added, “We always have a pleasant experience with Mr. Bieber whenever he comes to Serafina.”

Backing that up, TMZ updated their report saying that a rep for Serafina told them that the man Bieber allegedly headbutted was not an employee that and no member of staff called 911, contrary to what law enforcement had told the site.

Significantly, the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department said, “Deputies did not see any visible marks on the victim.”

Parker also refused any medical attention and said he didn’t want to file a police report.

“Deputies interviewed the victim who refused medical attention and stated he did not want to file a police report,” the department added in the statement.

Some may think that it’s unlikely an alleged headbutt would not leave a physical mark on Parker. It may also be telling that Dean refused medical attention.

As seen on the two clips below, the first misleadingly titled video posted by TMZ shows absolutely no evidence of Bieber assaulting anyone.

What the video does clearly show is Parker invading Bieber’s personal space. Dean is seen standing next to the Grammy winner while holding up his phone to film himself and the Biebs.

At one point, Justin is seen putting up his hand to block the phone “view.” But no assault is seen, despite Parker claiming Justin struck him in the face.

For his part, Poo Bear told Radar Online, “I’m not even sure [what happened].”

He continued, “I’m not even clear on it. I’m still trying to figure it out myself.”

The songwriter-producer added, “I did not see it happen. But I heard that it was definitely an accident. It wasn’t anything that was intentional.”

West Hollywood police say the investigation is still ongoing in case Parker wants to press charges at a later stage.

Meanwhile, the Cleveland alleged assault filing and the alleged headbutting investigations come a few months after a judge in Argentina indicted Bieber in absentia for allegedly directing his security to beat up a paparazzo during a tour stop in Buenos Aires on his Believe Tour in 2013.

TMZ previously reported that the judge in the Argentina case is being mendacious against him deliberately. Last year, Team Bieber revealed that until the ongoing case is resolved, the pop icon cannot include Argentina on his current Purpose World Tour.

The Inquisitr will be following these latest Justin Bieber alleged assault investigations.

Justin Bieber Accused Of Alleged Headbutting, Fist FIght In Cleveland Amid Argentina Indictment
Justin Bieber is accused of allegedly headbutting a man at a restaurant and is a suspect in a separate fist fight [Image by Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images]

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