‘Love Blossoms’: Hallmark Movie — Belgium Perfume Maker Needs Secret Ingredient

You know that a movie is well worth watching when the plot is based around the words “Belgium” and “perfume.” This weekend, Hallmark Channel will debut Love Blossoms — a romantic drama about a woman who inherits her father’s perfume corporation, which leaves her stuck between choosing her own dreams or continuing her dad’s legacy. Love Blossoms was directed by Jonathan Wright and was written by Julie Kim and Karine Marwood. It stars Shantel VanSanten and Victor Webster.

Love Blossoms On Hallmark Channel: The Synopsis

Violet Chappel, a successful Boston-based chemist, is called to her family’s home in Belgium, where she is expected to help run her dead father’s exotic fragrance company, Chappel Perfumery. Knowing about perfumes and fragrances comes natural to Violet since her family’s history is based in mixing best-selling scents.

Now, she needs to fill an order for SKY, a rich and beloved perfume that was developed by her dad’s company ages ago. The problem is not in filling the large order, but in finding the secret formula. Most of the vials are all gone. But Violet still has a few droplets of the scent in a vial on her necklace.

Searching everywhere, Violet frantically tries to find the secret ingredient that makes SKY the irresistible fragrance that it has become known for. She looks in her father’s office and through his old notes, but nothing seems to stand out that will give her a clue about the missing element.

Meanwhile, her biggest competitor, Olivia Caine, is determined to make a copy of the perfume. You see, Olivia has a nose like no other, allowing her to sniff out and identify a fragrance right away. She has come very close to making an almost exact replica of the SKY perfume. But she wants to perfect it. Not knowing how, Olivia seeks someone within the company that she can convince to work on her team.

It looks like Olivia Caine will get her chance after she comes into contact with Declan “Dec” Granger, a handsome botanist who is working closely with Violet. Believing that Dec is desperate enough to accept a nice monetary offer for information, Olivia puts on the pressure to entice him to give up the secret.

However, if Olivia thinks Dec is going to turn over on Violet, she has another thing coming. Dec is madly in love with Violet, who he met at the local coffee shop. Right away, they hit it off once Dec recognized the aroma of apple and blossom. Highly impressed with Dec’s nose for detail, Violet convinced him to help her discover the secret droplet that makes SKY unique.

Now, as time winds down and Valentine’s Day looms, Violet has a huge decision to make. Will she return to Boston to make her own dreams come true, or will she stay in Belgium to run her family’s perfumery, while enjoying fruits of love with her new beau, Dec.

About Love Blossoms Actress Shantel VanSanten (via Hallmark Channel)

“Born in Minnesota and raised in Houston, Shantel found acting upon moving to Los Angeles. Her first role was in the controversial drama You and I, directed by legendary filmmaker Roland Joffe. Shortly thereafter, she landed her first television spot on CSI: NY for CBS, which led to her becoming a series regular on The CW hit show One Tree Hill. Shantel’s success continued to grow as she also starred in Gang Related for Fox, and The Messengers for The CW. She can now be seen in the recurring role of Patty Spivot on the hit CW show The Flash while simultaneously starring opposite Ryan Phillipe in Shooter for USA Networks.”

Love Blossoms is a wonderful movie about decisions — whether it’s choosing your own life’s path or following the dreams of your family.

The Hallmark Channel movie, Love Blossoms, is produced by Leif Films, Saga Film, and Umedia. Executive producers are listed as Leif Bristow and Hubert Toint, according to IMDB.

Love Blossoms airs on Hallmark Channel this Saturday, February 18, at 9/8 p.m. Central. Hopefully, you didn’t miss last week’s spectacular film, An Uncommon Grace.

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