Tom Hardy on CBeebies for Valentine's Day

Tom Hardy Reads A Valentine’s Day Bedtime Story, Breaks The Internet

Tom Hardy returned to read a Valentine’s Day on CBeebies’ Bedtime Stories on Tuesday evening, and in the process broke the internet.

But while the actor’s appearance on the show was supposed to be primarily enjoyed by younger audiences, mothers and women across the United Kingdom were the ones that really appeared to enjoy his reading.

Tom Hardy returned to Bedtime Stories to read Tom McLaughlin’s The Cloudspotter, and it proved to be just as popular as the 39-year-old’s New Year’s Eve story. Even before his reading, there was an increasing excitement for his appearance, as the trailer for the story was viewed 4 million times.

You can check out the trailer here, while you can watch Tom Hardy reading all of The Cloudspotter for CBeebies viewers here, too.

It was Tom Hardy’s parting words that particularly had viewers entranced, though. That’s because, after finishing his story, Tom Hardy then bid farewell to everyone watching at home by uttering, “I’ve spotted that you’re not in bed yet. Quick go on. Get yourself tucked up and I’ll see you very soon for another bedtime story. Until then; night, night.”

This provoked quite a reaction from those watching at home, too, as several women insisted that they wouldn’t turn down Tom Hardy’s request.

Several women even admitted that they were watching Tom Hardy reading a bedtime story for children, even though they didn’t have any offspring of their own. And when I say several, I mean dozens.

As a father of two, with his wife Charlotte Riley, Tom Hardy is clearly rather experienced in reading bedtime stories. Just not for such a large audience. Tom Hardy isn’t the first celebrity to feature on Bedtime Stories, as the likes of Damien Lewis, David Hasselhoff, David Tennant, James McAvoy, and Simon Pegg have also appeared and read stories on the program.

Shortly after it was announced that Tom Hardy would be returning to read his second Bedtime Story on CBeebies, the internet lit up with women announcing their desire to watch the episode.

One comment from a rather eager mother on CBeebies’ Facebook page, via the Daily Mail, received over 600 likes, as she wrote, “Three long years of upsy daisy and igle pigle… this is the best I have had!… What should I wear?… How long do we have?… The child will have to be very quiet at story time… Its a special one…”

Clearly, those that watched weren’t disappointed, and many took to the internet to thank CBeebies for inviting Tom Hardy to take part in the show, again.

While it’s quite obvious that plenty of people enjoyed Tom Hardy’s appearance on Bedtime Stories, the actor is currently hard at work on a variety of other projects that will probably appeal to a wider audience than the above.

While his only cinematic appearance over the next 12 months is set to come in Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk, Tom Hardy has most recently been putting his creative hand to Taboo. The six episode long first season was co-created by Tom Hardy himself, alongside British screenwriter Steven Knight, and Hardy’s own father Edward ‘Chips’ Hardy. It’s actually based on a story written by Tom Hardy, too.

Tom Hardy isn’t just professionally invested in Taboo, though. That’s because it was reported last month that the Oscar-nominated actor, who has previously appeared in the likes of Inception and The Dark Knight Rises, that he has lost around £2 million ($2.5 million) making the show.

A source told The Sun, via NME, that accounts for Taboo Productions Ltd, the company that Hardy founded, showed they’d spent £10.4 million making Taboo, but its income was only £8.4 million. However, all is not lost, because the source admitted that Hardy will hope to make this loss back on DVD sales, downloads, and when he sells the syndication rights to other countries.

[Featured Image by BBC]