Shay Carl Divorce Rumor: Fans Worry About Shaytards Split After Cheating Scandal

Shay Carl Divorce Rumor: Fans Worry About Shaytards Split After Cheating Scandal

Shay Carl could be headed for divorce, fans of the popular YouTube vlogging family the Shaytards worry after the very public cheating scandal for the social media personality.

This weekend, an Instagram star and so-called “cam girl” Aria Nina released some very graphic text messages that Shay Carl had sent over over a period of weeks. Nina opened up about the relationship — which appears to have taken place entirely online — on a YouTube broadcast and also shared some of the graphic messages Shay Carl had sent her. Nina even tagged Shay Carl’s wife, Colette Butler, in some of the messages.

In one of the messages, Nina asked Shay Carl for some kind of proof that he is indeed the vlogger. Shay Carl responded with a picture of himself in front of a car.

Just before the release of the damaging text messages from Aria Nina, Shay Carl had posted a long message on Twitter telling fans that he had started drinking again and spiraled into alcohol addiction.

“I have struggled with alcoholism for years,” Carl wrote on Twitter (via the Idaho State Journal). “I thought I was able to escape addiction & it’s associated demons, but that disease has manifested itself back into my life (due to my decisions) because it is a life long disease.”

Though Shay Carl had previously spoken about his difficulties with alcohol, the admission was a shock to many fans. Shay Carl and his family are devout Mormons, a religious sect where alcohol is forbidden.

The devastating cheating scandal and the abrupt message that he would be leaving YouTube led many fans to worry that Shay Carl could be headed for a divorce from wife Colette Butler. The Shaytards vlog had been known on YouTube as a family-friendly one, where Shay and Colette displayed their family adventures and their many activities with their children. The family also showed aspects of their Mormon faith, sometimes showing their trips to Sunday services and other church functions.

Many fans expressed sympathy for Colette Butler and the couple’s children, who now have to deal with the very public fallout of Shay Carl’s cheating scandal.

Colette herself had gained a following outside the Shaytards, appearing on the popular talk show The Mom’s View.

The cheating scandal came just a few months after Shay Carl announced that the family’s popular Shaytards YouTube channel would soon be going quiet. After a decade of posting videos including points in which the family was uploading a video every day, Shay Carl said his children needed the chance to grow up a bit away from the spotlight.

“I want to make it a personal goal to not post anything to YouTube for a year,” Shay Carl announced in a video last year. “I want to kind of internalize and re-calibrate and just process this crazy journey that all of this YouTube adventure has been for us.”

“I love my kids, but they see me at my best when the camera is on,” he added.

There is not yet any sign that Shay Carl could be headed for divorce, but the unusual absence from the internet has many fans worried that the Shaytards could soon be splitting up.

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